Travelling Woman small shawl

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This lovely shawl was designed by Liz Abinante( ), a well written pattern and a delight to knit. The yarn is 100% superwash merino Svelte Sock from Prismafiber etsy shop, the colour is Salazar, 400yd/100g, I used only about 60g. Needles were 3.75mm Knitpicks circs.

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Beautiful Shawl!! Great

Beautiful Shawl!! Great work! I think this is going in the ever growing project

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So lovely, nice job!

So lovely, nice job!

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I just finished one as well.

I just finished one as well. It's off the needles and on the pins. It's a great little pattern. She is also the designer of the Aeolian Shawl that I did. A lot of the repeats seemed vaguely familiar. LOVE YOURS! I did mine in a worsted merino/cashmere.

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Lovely. And great color as

Lovely. And great color as many have already said. Great work!

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Quite beautiful, Kerry. The

Quite beautiful, Kerry. The greens remind me of forest ferns and mosses, as well as the algae and plants you find in healthy streams. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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The greens are an almost

The greens are an almost solid emerald green with short runs of grey/taupe, I just love it. And thanks Joe and everyone else for your comments.

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Great job, the colors are

Great job, the colors are great. I added it to my Ravely queue.


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Kerry, I downloaded the

Kerry, I downloaded the pattern last night. Yours is so beautiful. What a wonderful colour.

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Interesting shawl. Yours is

Interesting shawl. Yours is much more "triangular" then many pictures I've seen, most get blocked into a very crescent shape.

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I think the ends of mine do

I think the ends of mine do curve up a bit but as I hadn't checked others I just blocked them straight. :)

Another beautiful shawl

Another beautiful shawl Kerry.