Yarn bowl

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I got a yarn bowl for my birthday - very nice. Apparently, it was made to order and my wife got email updates during the process. It was made by Valorie Scherr at Mornin' Glori Pottery:


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That's pretty cool. I never

That's pretty cool. I never heard of a yarn bowl before. I can see how that slot works on the near side; is there a hole on the other side, or is that just a dot in the design?

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I'm assuming the closed hole

I'm assuming the closed hole is for projects where you don't intend to break the yarn until you're done. I'm not sure I'll use that much...

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Gorgeous! I'm sure it will

Gorgeous! I'm sure it will be treasured for many years.


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Hot stuff! I'm a bit

Hot stuff! I'm a bit jealous. It warms the cockles o' me hart to see such love put into a gift! I think your wife just shot way up in everyone's esteem here.

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Absolutely gorgeous. It

Absolutely gorgeous. It will look great just sitting by itself, let alone with a nice ball of yarn in it. What a loving gift from a thoughtful wife. Happy birthday. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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super thoughtful of your

super thoughtful of your wife :) - I love when people put extra special thought into gifts!! This is sure to be a treasured knitting item for years to come!

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It is Beautiful! What a

It is Beautiful! What a lucky man you are to have such a beautiful wife and yarn bowl!

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Very nice!! I've always

Very nice!! I've always thought something like would be so great! It's beautiful! Great gift!