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Well this is the week that they go off to their new homes. The first one leaves Wednesday night to become a Canadian show girl. The BF didn't sell one of the pups thinking that one of the boys might be a show prospect. I'm really hoping that the blue collar boy is the one. He is my bud, following me around every where and sneaking up into my lap. I'm going to cry a ton if he becomes the love of someone else.
Anyway here they are getting groomed. Our groomer, Eva, came over and cleaned them up here at the house. She is just the best. The actually look like poodles now.



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They are so adorable! This

They are so adorable! This is why I finally spade Suki...I would have never have been able to part from the puppies. I love how they all sack out at one time.

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*sniff* they grow up so

*sniff* they grow up so fast....

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they are very handsome.....

they are very handsome.....

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I've always had a soft spot

I've always had a soft spot for blue collar men... I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

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Thanks, Buck, They are

Thanks, Buck,
They are adorable...I'll bet you miss them.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog
what a lot of fun thanks for sharing