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Hey guys, it's been awhile but the great outdoors has been keeping me busy. I have been knitting however. I did these in the last month, about a pair a week. They are all from "Knitted Socks East and West" by Judy Sumner. The patterns are so much fun and come out so beautifully that I can't seem to stop. Since it's spring I've been working with non wool fibers - mostly cotton and silk. The purple pair and the cinnamon pair are both Cruise by Twinkle Handknits, 70% silk, 30% cotton. The turquoise pair is a merserized cotton and the blue pair is a cotton acrylic blend but I can't remember the brands.

and this is the most beautiful Peony that I've ever grown.


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I just reread the front part

I just reread the front part of this post ... A pair a week!!! OMG - I haven't knit a pair a week since my neophyte days and I was somewhat obssessed with what socks were all about. [Or on a very tight deadline.] Blessings on you, brave knitter. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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The socks are beautiful, but

The socks are beautiful, but the peony- God's way of whacking us upside the head!

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pretty much, I think.

pretty much, I think. Though maybe a touch more sheltered location overwintering....

According to the Missouri Botanical Garden they do well in St. Louis.

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I think I'll pay the

I think I'll pay the Garden's a visit and see what they're growing. They are who that turned me on to Song Sparrow Nurseries which is where most of my peonies come from.

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uh-oh....I see a major order

uh-oh....I see a major order going in this fall.....they have some really nice herbcesou; including the rock garden varieties , and daylilies....; and they have ITOH peonies as well!

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Amazing peony! But only

Amazing peony! But only because it is so early. Ours are just starting to come up out of the ground... through the snow. It's April, after all.

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Beautiful work. (And flower.)

Beautiful work. (And flower.)

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Very beautiful...both socks

Very beautiful...both socks and peony. I adore peonies and wish they would grow in our yard. Something in the soil won't let them, though. Luckily, my sister has them. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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The socks are beautiful

The socks are beautiful Scott! I wish I was as productive and proficient.

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Tree or herbaceous? We've

Tree or herbaceous? We've got quite a few of both.....

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Herbaceous, I've never seen

Herbaceous, I've never seen any of the tree variety in this area so it makes me wonder if they do well here - St. Louis that is. I've been tempted by them in catalogs though. Do they like the same conditions as the herbaceous varieties?