Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend!!!

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Going on Sunday. Absolutely can't wait: acres and acres of fleece and wheels and silk and angora and yarn and funnel cakes. What more could a boy ask for?


Can't wait!


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Thanks for the post! I'm

Thanks for the post! I'm driving down to Baltimore this weekend for some family stuff but I'm definitely going to stop by!

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I hope to be there for at

I hope to be there for at least part of Sunday. My original plan was to spend much more time there, but this, that, and the other thing came up, so I'll be spending a few hours max. Looking forward to it -- I've never been. I just hope I don't convince myself to buy a sheep while I'm there.

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Jonathan, Lucky you! I have


Lucky you! I have to hold out until my local fiber festival comes along in June (Black Sheep Gathering - Eugene, OR). I love spinning, but I also love shoving my hand deep in a fleece that is still on the sheep. Oh the lanolin (makes me think of "Madge, you're soaking in it!").
I am intrigued by the Hansen e-spinner, as something portable, but faster than my spindles. Let us know what you think.

John-GoatBoy-Portland, OR

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Jonathan ...if you run

...if you run across the Hansen MiniSpinner...a shoebox size electric spinning wheel...Please say hello to Beth and Kevin.
I bought one of their wheels a month ago...and LOVE it... and they will be there.

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Hey Bill, thanks so much for

Hey Bill, thanks so much for your note. I've actually been interested in electric spinning wheels for a while, but the only one I've seen that I've actually liked is over $1000. I'd love to hear more about your experience with the Hansen Spinner, and will definitely keep an eye out for them this weekend.


Think less, enjoy it more.

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I'm LOVING my miniSpinner...but I'm brand new to spinning. I'm mostly dyeing and plying the tons of cone wool I have. ...watching the wool/rayon and wool/silk take the same dyes differently....
but the fact that I don't have to treadle...but just pay attention to the wool is a great feature.
...also..I have the Woolee Winder on I don't have to move from hook to winds the yarn on the bobbin seamlessly!