Teach Yourself VISUALLY Sock Knitting by Laura Chau

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Hi, Has anyone here read the book "Teach Yourself VISUALLY Sock Knitting" by Laura Chau ? Kelley Petkun from Knitpicks reviewed this book on Youtube and seems to think that it is a great book!!


Also...how about that Amigurumi "Minkey"



How do you knit a sock 'minkey" ?



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I'll have to order that... I

I'll have to order that... I have the spinning and dyeing yarn books and they're excellent!

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Sorry about the first

Sorry about the first Youtube link being 2 lines maybe open Notebook and copy and past the 2 lines into 1 line...for the first Youtube link!There is something called embeding which I know nothing about...well you get the general idea...even if I don't.