Don's Vest - Finished and Blocking

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Finally finished my Don's Vest. I paid VERY particular attention to details on this one which made finishing seem like an eternity.

It is just fresh out of the washing machine and blocking now.


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Kenny, you always have

Kenny, you always have something inspiring to share. Thanks!

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Kenny, great colour work.

Kenny, great colour work.

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Very nice, Kenny. The way

Very nice, Kenny. The way it all blends together is fabulous. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Lucky Don! I love the two

Lucky Don! I love the two color patterns...the one on the back is really quite wonderful...I may just have to use that in something.

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There is no Don in my life.

There is no Don in my life. :*(

That's the name of the pattern.

and thank you all for the nice comments.

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My first name actually

My first name actually begins with a "D." Is that close enough? LOL! It's sick how beautiful this is Kenny! Really! You inspired me (as usual) to start a pair of Latvian mittens I've had my eyes on with some beautiful stranded work.


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Dear Millard?

Dear Millard?

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I'm a "Jr." My first name

I'm a "Jr." My first name is Denis. My Pop got the first name and everyone in my family always called me by my second name to differentiate.

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Is it too late to change my

Is it too late to change my name to Don?

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Mill and Bill, I'll give it

Mill and Bill,

I'll give it away..... doesn't fit me anyways.

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stunning. maybe i should

stunning. maybe i should man up and try this stitching

wherever you go, there you are

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Beautiful work!

Beautiful work!

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Ohh! I'm kind going to copy


I'm kind going to copy everyone and say it all at once Kenny :) ...

That vest is gorgeous, amazing, beautiful, spectacular, inspiring, masterful and stunning!

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In-tri-cate! and quite


and quite dashing...

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Beautiful work. It is the

Beautiful work. It is the finishing details that always elevate any project - tedious though they may seem.

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Wow! That is amazingly

Wow! That is amazingly intricate! Great work, Kenny!

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kenny Just amazing!! looks


Just amazing!! looks great - but I remember seeing your swatch and thinking how cool it was going to look!!


In cielo non c'e vino...beviamolo sulla terra!

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Gorgeous!!! Great Job!

Gorgeous!!! Great Job!

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Wow, what beautiful work!

Wow, what beautiful work! How long have you been working on this project? I have just started knitting the Crofter's Slipover in Folk Vests, and I can only hope that mine will turn out as nice as yours.

Good Job!