Sock pattern in Italian with English translation

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So a deal has been struck.... In mid-June my partner and I are heading to Amsterdam for a few days and then will continue on to explore northern Italy for almost two weeks. Our friend's mother is really looking forward to teaching me her secrets for making an amazing fettucini carbonara. I, on the other hand, am supposed to arrive ready to teach her how to make socks -happily she already knits but has yet to venture into the dark side of socks. A few years ago on new year's eve we were both in the US and I was knitting while she was cooking. Now it will happen in her kitchen in Cremona. It has always been a minor issue that we have no language in common. Now, I really do need to find a sock pattern in Italian (with English so that I can follow it) or get one of my favourites, in English, translated. All suggestions are welcome! Thanks - Phil


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There is a site online where

There is a site online where you can get translations for most common knitting or crochet terms.
For those of you who are used to knitting patterns in other languages, here are some links to knitting term translation dictionaries that I have found useful:

The WiseNeedle Glossary :

The Textile Dictionary from The Textile Rooms: dictio...

List of knitting chart symbols from an Italian yarn manufacturer:

German knitting chart symbols from Burda knitting patterns:

YarnOver translation site for a variety of languages:

Garnstudio has a nice translation charts, too - including English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, German, French and Spanish.

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Wow! thanks! what a

Wow! thanks! what a resource. - Phil

I wrote Christina, the

I wrote Christina, the blogger of "Knitaly". She sent links to two different instructions for socks in Italian.

For the toe-up socks, you'll have to register, but Christina says it's free.

Have fun in Italy.

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Thanks so much daninaa. We

Thanks so much daninaa. We always speak of this site as being an incredible resource and support. Your response and research and that of others who have responded are serious evidence of that. -Phil

I tried one of the links I

I tried one of the links I sent you and I couldn't get it to work, so I sent the text to you as private message. Please check your MWK private messages. For anyone who's interested, it seems that there's a woman named Alice Twain called "typesetter" in the blogosphere who writes in Italian about knitting, but who seems to speak English also (; look at "categorie" on the right and click on "lana". One post from Nov. 24, 2009 links to a site where she's publishing free pdf patterns in Italian. The sock one is called "pervinche".)

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great idea. Thanks. I'll

great idea. Thanks. I'll follow up on that. - Phil

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I took time to mull this one

I took time to mull this one over. Some books have a glossary that tells you the terms for stitches and actions relating to knitting in several languages. If you can find one in Italian, that should be a help. But daninaa's suggestion is a really great one. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thanks or this info Joe.

Thanks or this info Joe. Have you seen such a book or doe s title come to mind? I'll also follow up on daninaa's suggestion

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The "Mon Tricot" knitting

The "Mon Tricot" knitting and crochet stitch dictionary has Italian terms. It was published in the 1970's, I think. [My copy, anyway.] So does "Barbara Abbey's Book of Knitting". Another thought that just came to me is trying an internet search with 'Italian knitting terms' as part of your parameters. Since the lady also is a knitter, that helps transcend language barriers as you can show her with your own needles and yarn as far as turning the heel and such. I do this when teaching heels, just knitting a swatch that incorporates what needs to be done, often as the beginners look on. Good luck. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Update: I just did a search

Update: I just did a search and came up with a book called "Knitting Languages" that is billed as a dictionary covering a multitude of countries. Another posting - on the Rowan website - suggested using Google 'Babelfish' as a translation tool. I'm not very computer literate but it gives you another couple of things to follow up on. It suggested using 'Italian knitting terms in English translation' as the parameters, yielding a lot more hits. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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check this out! With your

check this out! With your encouragement I hit the jackpot! an Italian English dictionary made exactly for situations like this Thanks again - Phil

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You are very welcome. The

You are very welcome. The other good thing to come of this is all the resources for translation to other languages. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

I suggest writing the author

I suggest writing the author of the "Fluff buff" blog. She's Italian but lives in the LA area.