Back home :(

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Hello guys. Missed you all. Back home now after a lovely three weeks holiday travelling all over the UK. Got some caurrage to knit in public this time, was my train trip from Black Pool to Inverness, just figured out it is going to take me quite a long hours on train, though I had my lovely book with me "The Broker" but thought I would use sometime knitting as well.
Bought some wool and needles from Black Pool and used the trip to start a scarf. I will follow with some pictures soon.

Was a totally new experience to knit out of my home and experiene different looks from people around.


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Hope you had a good trip -

Hope you had a good trip - sorry to miss you. Things got very busy and all of my knitting has been sitting neglected. I knit on London's underground all of the time. Pretty much guarantees having plent of space around you. Even on a packed communter train, I still have a seat either side of me. Who wants to sit next to a man KNITTING after all!

All the best


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Hey Dave. It was indeed a

Hey Dave. It was indeed a lovely trip. Time just flew by and I found myself back home, back to work and all the trimmings of a busy life.
Would have loved to meet with you for sure, but, there is always a next time.
Possibly I will keep an eye next time in London on a nice handsome guy knitting on the underground :)



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Cheers back, Awny. I love

Cheers back, Awny. I love to knit in public as it gives me a chance to interact with both knitters and the just plain curious onlookers. When I took the train to New York, I was able to give a dishcloth to a woman travelling back to her home in Illinois as a memento of seeing a man who wasn't afraid to knit in public. Glad you enjoyed the experience. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Hey Joe, thanks for your

Hey Joe, thanks for your comment. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I'm sure a bottle of wine has helped me a lot facing it.