Probably, the beginning of the recognition ;-)

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Hello everyone,
I show you to a few weeks ago, my footrest ...
Well, it has been selected to appear in a Belgian decorating magazine (GAEL DECO) ...
It will be possible to follow two days of workshops to have the explanation ...
I've scan the article ... Probably, that, this is the beginning of the recognition ;-)
my father is going to be happy ... he who would have preferred to see me to playing football rather than playing with balls of wool ...
And the other news, is that... nothing happens by itself ...
Now I was contacted by another shop ... more news soon ...



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Congratulations, that is a

Congratulations, that is a great design and I'm glad you have it published. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Is the 160 euros for a kit?

Is the 160 euros for a kit? What exactly does it consist of?

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The girls for who I work

The girls for who I work make a workshop together with the GAEL DECO, and for this price you have the KIT (yarn and needle) you have the inside of the footrest, you have two days of lesson, to learn to knit this pattern, and to know who to sew it...

Thanks for the inf. Just

Thanks for the inf. Just discovered I could enlarge the page and read it for myself. Duh!

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WOW! Congratulations.

WOW! Congratulations. That's awesome!

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Richly deserved.

Richly deserved. Congratulations.

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Wonderful! Kudos!

Wonderful! Kudos!

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a very nice recognition....hope it leads to more work.