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I could have sworn we had a thread going on this software; but I can't find anything except Teej's cosy pattern....

Anyway - I bought it; didn't care for it when I tried it; but decided I really should give it another chance. I will probably use it for cables, becaused cables are a royal pita to chart; but otherwise, I'm sticking with excel.

It took me about seven hours to do this doucment from my rough sketch. I usually do 150 to 250 chart rows in that length of time! !

I can see where it's good and where it would be be very helpful to people; but it just isn't "me".

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One of the ladies over at

One of the ladies over at M2K2 has swatched the Nerat scarf. Berroco dk weight yarn and us 6 needles. file attached to original post.

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Mario, Here is a link to a

Mario, Here is a link to a site that has a charting program that I used to chart my braids on. It's actually pretty good - even though it's limited right now - and I was just talking with the developer and she plans on doing more work on it in the future. Here's one of the charts that I did using it as well - it's on my blog at The link with a picture of the 12 strand chart is here - - and it allows you to define your own cables as well. I used this to define the Twist 3/4 Back/Front cables in this chart.
As I said, it is limited, but there are ways around everything and a little fiddling with it and I was able to do this. I'll have to get my PC fixed as it has a program (Stitch and Motif Maker) that I bought with Sweater wizard a few years back as well that might work for this very same thing. I love you cable chart though and will probably give that a go in the next day or two!
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use many different programs

use many different programs to do charts so this is not that new.....BUT, wait til you have to add to the stitch library ! They suggest using Inkscape to draw the symbol, then open Intwine,...and the symbol is supposed to be there.....I have tried for 6 hrs....I can not get it to work . I use "Stitch painter", "Knit Visualizer", "PC Stitch"....This should not be that difficult !
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i'm trying this one wherever

i'm trying this one

wherever you go, there you are

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Wow... looks fab! Whenever

Wow... looks fab! Whenever I have any type of cable pattern, I color code all of the charts with different highlighter colors-some charts are a toyal pain to do this with, but I like how it draws the lines... I might not even need to color code this one.

Definitely going in my Queue!

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I think the cables might

I think the cables might have been a bit less obvious if I had left in the ws rows; but yes, it does produce a nice chart! I won't quible with that, and I suspect I will keep it and use it for cable charts.

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I am really computer

I am really computer retarded and have no idea what you talking about. However, this is the first time I have been able to actually see cables in a chart. They are beautiful. Congratulations.

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I'm enjoying it. The

I'm enjoying it. The combination of automatic chart and written instructions works wonderfully. ...and I love that I can colour things...