OT: "lost" family recipe

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The grandmother made this strawberry torte; quite possibly of german origin,

bottom layer a cookie-caky-crusty - sweet; thin....

a cheesecake-ish layer

a layer of strawberries and whip cream mixture
topped with slices of strawberry...

deadly. scrumtious - hardened your artieries just LOOKING at it.

Think I can find a recipe that resembles it? nope....

I may have to force myself to attempt to recreate it....


Ah yes those darn Germans

Ah yes those darn Germans can bake. My family is German and both my brother and mother are bakers. I know the cake you are thinking of and I can see if I have the recipe.


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duh! Why I didn't think to

duh! Why I didn't think to search"kuchen" I don't know - probably because she always called it "torte" - but sure enough, I found a couple that look similar.....


yes, very rich. very tasty. very rich.

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You are very welcome. --

You are very welcome. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Hey, Mmario, it sounds

Hey, Mmario, it sounds really similar to kuchen. I don't make it myself but a friend uses her husband's family recipe and they are German Canadian background. Very tasty. Very rich. Very labor intensive if made the old-fashioned way his grandmother put it together. [You know...process the fruit yourself, hand mix all the various ingredients, etc.] Hope this gives you a starting point. Good luck. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.