Hi, my name is Brady and I have a problem and a new MAN!

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I need a ten step program for buying yarn. The closest yarn shop to me has gone out of business. So, that means over the past two weeks I have been buying yarn. Lots of yarn. I should have enough yarn for 4 sweaters, 3 vests, a lap blanket, 4 pairs of socks, 1 scarf and something else with sock yarn. (Or maybe 1 Aran blanket minus a blanket) There is some great quality stuff there. I wouldn't have purchased some of these because they were too expensive to do so for the projects I would have liked to make. I won't be buying anymore yarn for a time. Well, unless I NEED IT! Hahaha...(There could be materials needed for the MSKR that I might have to purchase.)

Meanwhile, I purchased about 5 sets of circular needles, 6 Addi crochet hooks and 4 or 5 books (I can't remember... things are sketchy, but I have all the men's books she had in stock.) Seriously, you can't find these items for that price. Especially the Addi needles.

Goodness... it was a buttload of stuff.

The best part of the haul as Manny. I purchased a new man. Yes, he is ripped, toned and silent. He was $20. The store owner wanted me to put a pink tank top on him every now and then. There was this lovely gray sweater on him. She entered $25 in to the register and I said, $25 is fine if that included the sweater! Hahaha... we giggled over that one. Anyway, Manny will come in handy for modeling something in the future.

I have good deal of stuff to make. I have already started on one sweater.

I was invited to attend the WOW group meeting every Wednesday. I might try to do that every two weeks. See how it goes and all. It is at the local coffee house. They are getting a liquor license. Imagine drunk knitters. Hmmm...


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Lucky you. I wish you lots

Lucky you. I wish you lots of fun with the new toys and fella. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Love the strong, silent

Love the strong, silent type! As to your other situation- I knit, therefore I buy.

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it will also REALLY REALLY

it will also REALLY REALLY REALLY come in handy for designing. I wish I had a man bod to play with too!

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Brady, that's a very good

Brady, that's a very good start for Spring!
...of course, for Summer you'll have to buy more.
...and LOVE the new man!
...they're the best kind...they hold still for fitting.