Trachtentuch A - with ruffled edge

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You may remember I posted a pic of a red Valentine's Day shawl I made for my wife. She loved it but wished it had a ruffly edge. So I revised the pattern and doubled the number of stitches per row on rows 105 through 123. This created a very ruffly edge. She loves this one even more.

I used Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool yarn (also better for holding the ruffle than the bamboo used in the red one) on a US size 3 needle. It took about 876 yards of yarn to complete.

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Very nice, Rick. A bit too

Very nice, Rick. A bit too ruffled for my taste but it wasn't made for me. I'm glad it is just what your wife wanted. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Stunning work. Beautiful

Stunning work. Beautiful shawl.

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Beautiful Rick, Silky Wool

Beautiful Rick, Silky Wool is one of my favorite yarns to use for lace. I has such a nice drape.

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Rick, that looks AMAZING!

Rick, that looks AMAZING! I'm working on my first lace weight right now (Mario's QAL) and I have a whole new respect for you "lace" knitters!


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Rick it looks great! Not

Rick it looks great! Not sure I'd have the patience or persistence to accomplish this!


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You've made another

You've made another beautiful shawl Rick, and such a lovely colour too.

Beautiful shawl and very

Beautiful shawl and very lucky lady.

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Beautiful work, as usual!

Beautiful work, as usual!

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And thanks to you for your

And thanks to you for your suggestion on making it ruffle!