Finished stranded colorwork mittens and pictures

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Ok, so I finally finished my stranded colorwork mittens!!! After all the business trips (where I couldnt knit because I was so f-in busy) and the broken needles and a month and a half they have finally been completed! Even though winter is over and I wont get to wear them until the next cold season, Im still very proud of my first stranded colorwork project. Here are some pictures below, let me know what you all think!

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Those are some great

Those are some great mittens. Congratulations. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Ok stupid

Ok stupid stranded the same as fair isle?

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I dont know much about

I dont know much about colorwork categories, but I think fair isle just means you are using more colors. With stranded you only work with two different colors at the same time and with Fair Isle you could be working with 3 or 4 different colors at the same time.

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Depending on how much of a

Depending on how much of a purist you are: Fair Isle is a specific type of stranded colourwork; characterized by the style of motif; the use of two colours per row and a particular style of colour changes over the work.

the purists are fighting a mostly losing battle where "Fair Isle" is coming to mean "stranded colourwork that isn't doubleknit" or even "colourwork that isn't intarsia"

Interesting, how semantics

Interesting, how semantics always seem to follow me around. I get annoyed with semantics. Having a teenager in the house, means it's all about the semantics. Can hardly wait till he outgrows that.

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It's a "feature" of the

It's a "feature" of the English language. Well, more-so in English then in some other languages I am told.

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Very nice!

Very nice!

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STUNNING! Great work, Mitch!

STUNNING! Great work, Mitch!

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Mitch... they are

Mitch... they are fantastic.... they really, really are... you should jump up and slap yourself on the back bud because you did a great job!

So when you gonna get your buns back to Texas?

Again... darn good looking work,

My best as always,


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OMG! Their Great! To sit

OMG! Their Great!

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They came out great Mitch!

They came out great Mitch! Kudos!


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Very cool.... I wish it

Very cool.... I wish it would get cold enough in Los Angeles to warrant wearing mittens...

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Awesome mittens! Next

Awesome mittens! Next winter, you, me, my back yard, and one fun snowball fight! :o)

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Great looking mittens.

Great looking mittens.

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Beautiful, Mitchell. You're

Beautiful, Mitchell. You're clearly well on your way in the craft. They really look outstanding.

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Beautiful job! I would

Beautiful job! I would certainly be proud of those.


You should be proud of them.

You should be proud of them. They're great looking mittens. Well done.

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Incredible job!!! I love

Incredible job!!! I love them.

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I bet you are really proud

I bet you are really proud of them. A beautiful pair of mittens and extra warm because they are stranded. Congratulations.