15" Plus a tad (KAL Boxers)

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Trying to come up with an eye catching title is a bit tough!

I've completed the back panel of the boxer shorts. I had a time of it near the end, especially with the binding. Most of that was because I was watching "Fantastic Mr. Fox"! I wasn't expecting it to be so entertaining or that I would love the animation! (Or George Clooney's voice!)

So now I'm at a point of trepidation as I prepare myself to start the side panels. Now, my assumption was that the purl side would be showing to the world, but I didn't think about it more until now. Are others using the knit side as the wrong side or the right side? Other than feel, is there some reason to choose one over the other?

I have decided to use Kenny's method of picking up and knitting the side stitches and then doing a row of increases to get the 100 stitches on the side.

It looks to me like the picture on the pattern is purl side out.

I'm attaching pictures as well. I'd appreciate any thoughts.



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I am working on the side

I am working on the side panels now to I am just following the pattern to the letter. My theory is that it will all magically come together in the sewing! because right now its just odd looking. the short rows make sense once you start knitting. I think the magic aspect of them is why I am so addicted to knitting them ( or the fact that the lace shawl I am working on is making me crazy) I find they are good tv watching project as long as your not on the short rows 9 even that wasn't to hard to do watching the boob)
A Traveling knitter

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So I watched a video at

So I watched a video at knittinghelp.com (http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/advanced-techniques) and the way she does it it:
- knit until you get to the number of stitches.
- turn your work
- wyif, slip the stitch on the right needle onto the left needle
- move yarn to back
- move stitch on left needle back to right needle
- then wyif, knit the wrapped stitch (needle into wrap first, then the stitch).

Does that sound right? Then the instructions would be correct for left/right needle, but is wrong (certainly not clear) because it doesn't tell you to turn your work.

At least that's my take. Anyone else?

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I just watched the video.

I just watched the video. That's it! You've got it. You're right. The way the pattern instructions are written is the way she shows it in the video, but I've always done the wrap before turning. It's known as "W&T", so the "T&W" confused me a little (not like it takes that much to confuse me).


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Hey Joe! It looks great and

Hey Joe! It looks great and I dig the colorway! I picked up stitches with the stockinette side (or "right" side) facing me. From what I can see in the photos it looks like that's how it's done in the pattern. If you want the purl side to show on the outside, there's no rule saying you can't.


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Thanks Mill. I'm finding I

Thanks Mill. I'm finding I have to read and re-read the pattern to make sure I understand what's going on and what I'm going to be doing. Everytime I look at that photo I flip-flop on the right side being the stockinette or purl. When I started I thought purl, but when I looked at it again, it looked like stockinette!

Anyway, I decided to got stockinette as the right side and will begin the short rows soon. Maybe tonight!

I had to go back to one of my previous messages because I remembered that there was something wrong with the pattern. Sure enough, for the short rows they mixed up left and right for the needles. Either that, or they are left handed?