Check it out!!

I think that with so many members there is going to be alot of birthdays randomly coming up so I thought to make just one general Happy Birthday Video for all! Nick and Mill happily volunteered to be apart of the cast for my next video. Thanks Guys!

Enjoy! (Oh, and I'll try to stay more on topic from here on..)

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Very nice! The oversized

Very nice! The oversized heads remind me of the Queen of Hearts in the new Alice in Wonderland.

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Whoa! I just dropped 3

Whoa! I just dropped 3 stitches, and purled where I was supposed to knit... but am now looking FORWARD to my next birthday! Thanks for posting this! John

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jesus christ, that got me a

jesus christ, that got me a little turned on. :)

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That's AWESOME!!! Hey Nick,

That's AWESOME!!! Hey Nick, you didn't tell me we were being filmed dude!

hmmmm... did I forget to

hmmmm... did I forget to mention that little detail? (the trick is to get em' good and liquored up before they sign the release form).

And is it me or do I have abnormally large... teeth?

I liked the

I liked the smile!

Is that Einstein or 'our'

Is that Einstein or 'our' Albert?

einstein..white hair

einstein..white hair distinguishes the men from the boys! HaHa...

Personally, Albert is my

Personally, Albert is my type totally.