QAL update

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I lost a lot of progress on my QAL shawl in the last 2 days trying to figure out the crossword that mrhugzzz posted on his blog (and I still didn't win! lol).
As of this posting, I'm on row 105. I used up my first 437 yd. ball, and joined my 2nd ball in the middle of row 101. I'm going to take the opportunity on row 105 and 106 (rest rows) to try to even out my tension a bit. My last row was a bit tight, and the stitches didn't slide very well from the cord up onto the needles. And speaking of needles, I think pretty soon I'm going to have to ditch the 24" circular and move up to probably a 36" or maybe a 40" if I can find one @ the LYS. Only 50-something rows left to go....can't wait to get it off the needles and onto the blocking board (I absolutely LOVE blocking!)


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Sorry about you not winning

Sorry about you not winning Rich - but if it was because of Qiviut send me a note and you will get something. Where can we find the pattern to this shawl? I'm assuming you meant KAL not Qal?

Hugzzz 8-)

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I sent you an email

I sent you an email yesterday with a scanned attachment of my finished crossword. Yes, the spelling of Qiviut threw me off, but that's ok. And MMario is right, I'm working on QAL - Queen Anne's Lace, not doing the KAL

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He means QAL - Queen Anne's

He means QAL - Queen Anne's Lace

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That's groovy Rich! It

That's groovy Rich! It sounds like you're moving right along. I had to start over today just after completing the first chart! : ( Suki had a rather unfortunate accident with the one I was working on. She NEVER messes with my knitting or needles, but she likes to curl up and nap on WIP's. I guess they retain a little warmth and they have my scent from the yarn going through my fingers. So, after completing the first round on chart 2, I placed the shawl on the couch next to me to take a break. I went to wash dishes and put away some laundry. As I was walking to my bedroom, I caught Suki on the couch entangled in the lace weight and fidgeting ferociously to get free. I ran to try and salvage my hard work and she then jumped off the couch with shawl still attached and started booking it! She kept running because the, now destroyed, shawl and needles were dragging behind her and was trying to run away from them. I finally caught the little booger and got her free only to discover a plethora of stitches dropped and my lifeline hanging on to only 60 % of the stitches. There was no way in hell I could have fixed it, so I had to frog and start over! I nearly cried; I'm not kidding! I'm now only at row 30 : ' ( sniff, sniff.

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Oh No! Sorry to hear

Oh No! Sorry to hear that...I haven't picked up the needles yet today, but I think when I left off last night I was on row 111. It certainly does keep getting longer and longer to go all the way around! I'm hoping that maybe within another week to 10 days mine will be finished, but we will see. I still have not used a lifeline (perhaps your story is an omen?) Maybe as the rows get longer I will put in a couple of them, and then again maybe not!
Let us know how you are progressing, and maybe post a pic or two? :-)

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Traumatic for you, Suki AND

Traumatic for you, Suki AND the shawl.

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Boy, you ain't lyin'! Mill

Boy, you ain't lyin'!


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Mario, Thanks for bursting

Mario, Thanks for bursting his bubble with the "only 50"
By the way, I bet yours was an "evil grin"

Rich, can't wait to see the pics of your QAL

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Just make sure that your

Just make sure that your bind off is LOOSE! The one in the pattern is a pita to do because it doubles your stitch count - but it *does* give your enough slack to block out those points.

BTW - that "only 50 rows" is almost half the knitting....*grin*