Just a note on boxers KAL!

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Hey guys, thanks for the replies....for those that are wondering about the pick up stitchs "thing"....
You might want to try :
Visually divide the area into 4 sections (by putting 3 pins) along the side, then pickup 25 sts in each of the 4 sections ! This is makes it alot less difficult, if you have trouble counting the stitches sequence listed in the boxer pattern. You have the opportunity to check youself as you pick up the stitches !


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Thanks! That's helpful!

Thanks! That's helpful! When I eventually get the frickin center panel done, that will make the picking up stitches a time to celebrate.

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Thanks Steve. This is useful

Thanks Steve. This is useful for a garment newbie like me.

I did the edge stitching per the pattern, so I know I won't have enough to pick up the 100 stitches.
I think that I can pick up two stitches per edge stitch, if I pickup the two 'halves' of the edge stitch. Does that make sense?

As I said I'm fairly new to garments, I've just done socks, hats, and fingerless mittens.

Any suggestions would be helpful.



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Honestly, I would pick up

Honestly, I would pick up one stitch per edge stitch and add an extra increase row. but i'm knitpicky like that though.

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Ok, so I would then spread

Ok, so I would then spread out the increases evenly across the fabric on the increase row?

Then, once I've gotten the correct number of stitches, start on the side section?

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Steve.. that is EXACTLY what

Steve.. that is EXACTLY what I ended up doing!! I have a tendancy to overthink and finally it just made horse sense to go that direction.

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Good ! Then I'm not that

Good ! Then I'm not that crazy.....I am begining to wonder if the being crazy is a result of hav'in left Dallas.