New Scarf and LYS Closing

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I started another scarf the other night. I have been thinking about this one for some time. I was thinking of a different pattern for this yarn but I found this one in a book I have and decided to go with it. It has a back post and a front post double crochet. I haven’t done these stitches before, but now that I understand, it is rather easy.

This yarn looks and feels nice; soft and all that. There are two strands of it and frankly, it is a booger to work with as it likes to split. This is something I must be careful of when I pull the hook through or it will split.

Sunday night, I got an email from Purls of Wisdom. The store is closing. This is the closest yarn shop to me. Mind you, I do frequent about 4 different LYS if the need arises for me to yarn shop. Anyway, I went Monday and it was a zoo of suburbanite women looking for the 40% off deal. Of course, I was there looking over the books. I have started collecting books for my little library. I found two men’s sweater books, the son of stitch and b, and an Aran afghan book (cables look hard… but I will try. Someone said they are easy once you understand… I am sure it is.) I didn’t see any crochet books that I wanted. There was a granny square book. I’m not a huge fan of the square. But, I could see some possibilities with it. I did pick up some yarn. At 40% off, I couldn’t resist. One was a black alpaca mix that I must make a sweater with. The other is a blend of wool, alpaca, silk and modal? I think. Both are from the same company. I also picked up 3 Addi crochet hooks and two circular needles. I guess you can never have too much of these things. Plus, at 40% off… that is a deal. Or so I think. Anyway, I may go back Friday and see what else I can pick up. It is payday on Friday.


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Next step after the front

Next step after the front post and back post stitches is to do crocheted CABLES .......*grin* or at least they were required for the cabled crochet patterns I used to use for afghans.

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Very lovely work, Brady. I

Very lovely work, Brady. I really should get back to crochet items for gifts. Scarves are nice and quick and appreciated. It would be a good project when I need a break from knitting. I never made it to Purls of Wisdom, even though it was on my list of places to go if I spent any length of time in Denver. Just one of those things. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I still love that yarn shop

I still love that yarn shop up there in Casper. I will get back one day. I tell ya!

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Glad to know that. If you

Glad to know that. If you are here on a Tuesday evening, we usually have on "open knitting night" that you are more than welcome to join in on. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Great looking scarf. I

Great looking scarf. I started a new scarf last night, but I tore it all out three times, and now it's in a ball on the table. For one thing, it took me three tries to learn how to get yarn off those twisted skeins. I guess I've never been high class enough for those. I'm used to the kind that pull out from the middle. After rolling all that into a ball by hand I've decided I really need one of those yarn ball rollers if I do this regularly.

It was such a simple scarf too, just straight stockinette stitch, but then I discovered I had dropped several stitches on the edge a couple of feet ago, so I decided to start over fresh. Too bad too, I could have used it during the snowstorm that hit us today.

Anyway Bradferd, yours is lovely.

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I tell you, get yourself a

I tell you, get yourself a thing of tinker toys and build yourself a thing that twirls around so that you can wind it off the skein. It is a cheap swift and will help you with balling up your yarn.

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Bradferd: What book is the

Bradferd: What book is the scarf pattern from? I like the design, and it would be great for stash busting.

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Um... One of these books I

Um... One of these books I have... :) I added you as a friend on Ravelry and will post it there under the projects. I need to do that so I don't forget it.

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You can also see it at the

You can also see it at the MSKR... :) That way you get to feel it. :)

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Brady, I’m liking that

Brady, I’m liking that scarf a lot. Beautiful work. The colors are very rich. Really well done. I've done some of that front post/back post crochet too. You're right: the hardest part is understanding the concept. But once you're past that you're home free. Beautiful scarf. Beautiful yarn.

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It was easier than I

It was easier than I thought. I will do some more in some other applications. It adds some great texture.

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My favorite color

My favorite color combination. The pattern is beautiful and textural.

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I wasn't sure if the pattern

I wasn't sure if the pattern was going to turn out the way I wanted. I think the yarn makes it work. It shines and reflects the pattern well.

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The scarf looks great.

The scarf looks great.

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I love the scarf! The

I love the scarf! The colors are awesome and show great contrast!

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I have to say, I love the

I have to say, I love the blue. I hate the rusty orange. I have never really cared for the color, but the person I am making it for loves it. All in all, I think it looks great.

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Bradferd, I agree with Bill.

Bradferd, I agree with Bill. Cables are not that hard. I did the Irish Hiking Scarf as one of my first projects. I really enjoyed it. Glad to hear you got some good bargains also.


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I may have to look that up

I may have to look that up and try it.

Bill's picture will be will be amazed when you discover how easy cables are...(grin)

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Oh... I am quite sure it

Oh... I am quite sure it is... Just need to sit down and do it one day when I have a span of undivided attention.

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Bradferd, it will take you

Bradferd, it will take you two minutes to learn to do a basic cable...and you'll wonder why you didn't do them ages ago...(grin)