Queen Anne's Lace shawl

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I started knitting the QAL shawl yesterday afternoon, and by the end of the evening had the first 50 rnds done (picture 1). I am now on rnd 70 and haven't even made a dent in my first ball of 437 yds. It should be interesting to see if I come anywhere's near using the 1300 yds the pattern suggests. I'm using size 8 needles (which seem a bit large) I probably should have used 6's for this yarn (Cascade Alpaca Lace) but I thought that since I usually knit fairly tight that 8's would be fine. I love the color of the yarn, but it seems a little bit "fuzzy" to me. Hopefully after blocking it won't seem that bad.
This is my very first attempt at knitting lace, so go easy on your comments please! :-p

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I completed my QAL well in

I completed my QAL well in Mexico last month. I did mine in Malibrigo lace weight. The colourway is a pale seafoam (heathered pale green). You guys are making good headway ........ it is so beautiful when it is blocked and the lace weight almost floats when tossed into the air.

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Dennis, where are the

Dennis, where are the pictures? Sounds lovely. Mine is sort of a heather teal. I think the color is called tide pool.

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Well I am right there with

Well I am right there with both of you, so I may have to join this as well. I am on row 84, but have not been working on it for the better part of two weeks due to overtime at work. While it is nice that I get more money, after 9 hours of assembly/finishing my hands are tired. When I cast on I did it on 2's and it gave me this cool little circle in the middle that I really like.

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Cool Andrew! The more the

Cool Andrew! The more the merrier! I restarted tonight using Eunny's method for a circular cast on (almost the exact same as the TechKnitter's with one little difference) and it formed a great center that I like much better! I'm hoping I'll get chart one done tonight, but it's not likely. This is not the first time I've knitted lace, but it is the first time I've actually used lace wt. yarn. What color/yarn content are you using?

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Navy Blue lace weight from

Navy Blue lace weight from Misti Alpaca, and because they discontinued that color, from Plymouth as well.

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That's so funny Richard! I

That's so funny Richard! I started QAL day before yesterday and my yarn looks almost the same as yours. It's 100% baby Alpaca from KP in the same color. I'm using US8's too (I knit loosely), but started with 6's and worked my way up. Which cast on did you use? Mario, I suck at doing the circular cast on. I've tried Emily Ocker's, the TechKnitters and had to do it like 10 times before I was satisfied with the way it looked. It almost seems impossible to get the needles to stay in the lace for the first couple of rounds. Any tips? Rich--I'll try and post some pics later tonight. We can have a mini KAL going. BTW...yours looks great!

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I start most cirular project

I start most cirular project on 2 dpns, using a third to them.

I cast onto a single needles, slip half to the second needle and fold the line of stitches back on itself, so the last stitch cast on is next to the first one cast on. Then I use a third dpn to work the stitches until I have enough to move to more needles.

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I used the method listed on

I used the method listed on the MMarioKKnits yahoo group, that uses a crochet hook to pull up loops, and the pull the circle closed (not sure what the technical name is). I knit the first 3-4 rounds on US2 dpn's, then the next 10 rounds or so on US5 dpn's, then finally onto a US8 circular. Right now I'm getting ready to start rnd 73

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Richard, when I restarted I

Richard, when I restarted I went down to a US 2 as well, then a 4, and now I'm using a 6. I'm about to switch from my DPN's to my circs in 8. I like the center MUCH better now! The lace weight can be a booger to get started, especially when you have big 'o hands. I'm not used to knitting with 100% alpaca. It has absolutely no stretch which takes a bit to get used to.


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I did the original

I did the original prototypes in lace weight on us 8's - though have often thought I should have gone up to 9's. If the yarn has a halo (which from your description, it does) you need that extra to give it the airyness......(my opinion - ymmv)

the first 50 odd rows use about 1/9th of the total yardage - roughly.... so yes, I'm willing to bet you will use the 1300 yards.