Just a couple of things.

As luck would have it, I was out on a treasure hunt on Tuesday and what did I spy? But none other than a Singer 561 knitting machine. It's basic but I thought this was definitely a must have. I already have a computerized machine but thought this would be cool to have kicking around to do some very basic stuff with and the price made me feel as though I had just robbed the store. So when I got home I immediately tried it and it works great and I bought an intarsia carriage for $30.00 off of the internet. So I was really pumped up about this find until I started hand knitting the stocking later that evening.

I looked and looked and I could have bet on the fact that I saw a post recently on how to combat curling edges but do you think I could find that now? Also do you see the curvature going on there? What in the world am I doing wrong? I know it has been awhile since I have hand knit but this is pathetic! No I did not swatch and somehow I wish I had. It all looked so pretty in my mind. Somebody got any advice? Please do not say "You should have swatched." because I will say "Frog it" and do it on the machine.. :-(

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Hey did anyone happen notice

Hey did anyone happen notice in the pic with the cat how I store my knitting, yarn and needles when not in use? It was a remote holder I made for my husband, he never used it so I stuck a jar into it and it holds my ball of yarn and needles quite handy. In the other pocket I can store my remote control. Nifty eh?

I agree with every one else

I agree with every one else in that if youre going to seam it dont worry about it. For any flat piece thats knitted basic stockinette in any streatchy yarn ( worsted wool, acrylic, etc) the edges will curl. blocking and a light steam may take care of some of it but the only way to get rid of it completely is to do a decorative side stitch maybe 4 ,6,or8 stitches from the end every row. Moss stitch,seed stitch,cable, fishermans rib or shaker rib will all work. Good luck.....PS most Cottons silks etc dont curl much but do a test swatch to be sure.

This is all such good news.

This is all such good news. thanks

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Hey Joanne! You're fine.

Hey Joanne! You're fine. That's how it's going to look until it's seamed and felted. The novelty yarn and garter stitch at the top is making it behave and lay flat on the upper portion and the stitches on your needle is causing it to lay flat at the bottom. The in between is going to curl and curve inward because it's stockinette. From what I can see your stitches look nice and even. When I posted the pic of my boxers I had to pin all the edges because it's a curvy mess right now. Aside from counting your stitches on the needle to see if you haven't dropped any stitches inadvertently, just keep on knitting. I love the colors and your cat's purdy!

Thanks. Ok so it's not my

Thanks. Ok so it's not my lack of inexperience but rather a lack practical application, have to work on that. Yes, she is pretty and at 20 lbs. she's pretty darn large. In fact, in our house she's large and in charge! She is sure to let everyone know that she is THE woman in my husbands life and if she had it her way I'd be gone. I've never known a cat to play mind games like she can. Sometimes it's amusing and other times...well, you can see that she likes my chair that I like to knit in and until she leaves the vicinity, it's her chair.

To prevent stocking stitch

To prevent stocking stitch from curling you need to KNIT 2 or three stitches at either end of the purl row. If you are going to seam this it doesn't really matter as blocking before sewing will take care of this.

I thought that I had read

I thought that I had read that someplace..thank you for answering promptly...now to frog or not to frog? Will the felting rectify this issue? Oh this hurts..