Finished last year but

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only blocked today. Swallowtail scarf by Evelyn A Clark is knitted with 40g of Colourmart cashmere/merino laceweight 2ply using 3.75mm circs. The colour is fern, and the scarf is gorgeously soft. Modelled by my DH who knits cobweb lace.

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Excellent work, Kerry. I

Excellent work, Kerry. I recently got some Malabrigo merino/silk blend and I'm leaning more and more towards a neck scarf like these. Thanks, too, to MMario for the nupp tip...I've never cared much to try them but having a simpler way to do them may encourage me. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Kerry - fantastic work. The

Kerry - fantastic work. The colour suits it so well.

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Kerry, lovely!!!!

Kerry, lovely!!!!

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WOW! ..... echoing the

WOW! ..... echoing the other praises here!

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WOW! ..... echoing the

WOW! ..... echoing the other praises here!

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Just beautiful....I have

Just beautiful....I have major problems with "nubbs" you did good grass hopper!!!!!!!!

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I had problems when I first

I had problems when I first did nupps but now I leave the YOs very loose so they can be purled more easily on the return row.
Mario's suggestion I've never seen before but it sounds well worth trying, you're a gem MM :)

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nupps. The trick is to

The trick is to divide the "purl x together" on the retrun row up into seperate movements.

For example, with a 5 stitch nupp, I slip 3, p2tog, psso.

For a seven stitch, slip 4, p3 tog, psso.

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Thanks Mario, they don't

Thanks Mario, they don't sound so intimidating now. Maybe I can get busy on that Estonian shawl I've been pondering.

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First of all, Kerry, your

First of all, Kerry, your shawl is beautiful (as usual)! I love that color of green. I've started the swallowtail in a fingering weight merino and you've inspired a renewed sense of motivation--thank you!

Mario, thanks SO MUCH for the tip! I haven't gotten to the nupps yet and had read so many complaints on Rav about making them. Quite a few knitters either omitted them or replaced them with beads. I love the way nupps look, but I've had some uneasiness about getting to that part of the pattern.


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There is rather a famous

There is rather a famous name who is vehement against doing the nupps any way except the "p # together" But seriously, using the slip, purl and pass stitches over, the stitches lie in the identical order and fashion; and it is **SO** much easier.... it can still be tedious, but slipping and then passing even 16 stitches one at a time is less frustrating then trying to do a purl 9 together if your stitches are even the lightest bit tight.

just remember that you slip purlwise with your yarn in front!

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It's beautiful! And in my

It's beautiful! And in my favorite color too. You did a wonderful job!!

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You are amazing, Kerry.

You are amazing, Kerry. That is a lovely piece of work. Beautiful colour.

Another wonderful shawl

Another wonderful shawl Kerry, in a lovely soft colour.