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I got the back panel done with the UT Longhorn in intarsia. I had to draw up the pattern on graph paper, because the only steer image I could find was huge and wouldn't have fit within my stitch count. I've started the right side in the orange. The two short row wedges are complete and it's stockinette for a while before the front fly shaping. I'm so happy with the way these are looking, I decided to keep them for myself and make my cousin a pair later. I got the yarn from my stash and didn't have enough of the KP Stroll tweed for the larger size, so I placed an order for a couple of more skeins this afternoon. I found out they are discontinuing the tweed Stroll and as luck would have it the only color they had left was the orange--it was meant to be! The variegated Schaeffer Yarn looks a little weird in the photos, but it looks great in person.

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I love the color combo, and

I love the color combo, and the art work is great. I like this pattern, it has enough room on it to do some custom work to personlize the item. I know you will enjoy wearing these. I cant wait to see them modeled by you.

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Mill, Extra yarn for the

Extra yarn for the larger size? Just how big... Longhorn... Oh, bother... As others have said, I can't wait to see you modeling them... I can see you now... shirtless and boxered.... Oops, I'm drooling a bit...

All kidding aside, they are turning out wonderfully! Very creative and the colors are absolutely beautiful!

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They look great and it's

They look great and it's very impressive. Don't expect me to design a Texas Tech Red Raider on mine!

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Awww, come on Joe! LOL (I

Awww, come on Joe! LOL (I was just really lucky that UT's emblem is a simple silhouette in one color!)

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Millard, your shorts are

Millard, your shorts are coming along great, can't wait to see them finished. Is there elastic or ribbing in the top to keep them from slipping?

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The pattern calls for an

The pattern calls for an elastic waist band.

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I am so jealous of you guys.

I am so jealous of you guys. have not started the boxers yet, am paralyzed by color choice......great work guys.

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Not to worry! I'm paralyzed

Not to worry! I'm paralyzed by my own knitting! So we are at the same starting point!
I hope to get that under control soon!

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in all honesty (and

in all honesty (and seriously!) just pick 2 colors and get knitting... the 2 colors I am using I don't love together... they're OK but not my fav... but it's the yarn I was given to do the project, so it's what I'm using... that's why i did the 2 row a'la Jared Flood stripes for the back panel - you can see it here:


I think the colors are working fine... and now that they're nearer to being done (I have to knit the fly and waistband and assemble! I'm liking them more and more..

if you're really unsure of color, pick a fun varigated for the back panel, waist band and fly and do a coordinating neutral solid for the body... you know how to do this :)

we have faith in you!!

Great colorwork Mill!!! Your

Great colorwork Mill!!! Your chart worked great. These are looking awesome. Can't wait to see the finished product.

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That longhorn looks

That longhorn looks like.....

oh never mind...

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Hey now!

Hey now!

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LOL!! Okay...I had to take

LOL!! Okay...I had to take another look and now see what MMario meant. As Bugs would say, "OOOH, you naughty boy!" [Nice knitting, Mill.] -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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great one..... can't wait to

great one..... can't wait to se them modelled!


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C'est magnifique Millie! Or

C'est magnifique Millie!

Or as we like to say in Texas, "Muy attractive vous monte!"

Later gator.

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Thanks Chrissy! See, it was

Thanks Chrissy! See, it was your vote of confidence that made the bull on da butt materialize.

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So what you are trying to

So what you are trying to tell me is that my all of my 'bull crap' inspired you? Thanks a lot. I ain't feelin' real purdy right 'bout now.

No need to appologize! It's too late! My feelings, if I can find them, (I think I loaned them to a friend), have been irrepairbly trod upon like a fresh cowpatty before sunrise. Alas how can I possibly go on???? I can't, so I'll shut up.

Again good work there C*&#@$$,


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Thanks Mark! If I have

Thanks Mark! If I have enough of the variegated yarn I'm going to add a small "UT" on the front left leg near the bottom.

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The longhorn rocks. As

The longhorn rocks. As always I'm floored by the creativity of everyone here. Makes me strive for more in my own work. Kudos!