"mpg" / "pax symbol" baby sweater

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So Matt's cousin had a baby boy last December. His initials are "mpg" and his middle name is Paxman. So I designed a little sweater with his initials across the back and a Pax Cultura symbol on the front. Turns out they chose blue and brown as colors for his nursery and baby announcement too! I also knit his birth date on the inside of the hem. It will probably be big enough for next fall/winter and maybe sometime after that.

Pax Cultura symbol53.16 KB
mpg initials51.26 KB
mpg initials56.38 KB
mpg initials49.36 KB
birthdate in hem46.47 KB
birthdate in hem45.15 KB


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That is one of the nicest

That is one of the nicest ways of celebrating a birth...suffice it to say that this little heirloom will stay will the family for decades and decades.

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Frank...that is wicked

Frank...that is wicked cool!!! I love it and what a great souvenir for afterward.


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Wow, Frank, nice job! The

Wow, Frank, nice job! The cousins must be very impressed.

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Beautiful! ...looks a bit

...looks a bit "Startrek".

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That sweater is so cute.

That sweater is so cute. Everything you did to personalize it is wonderful. I especially like the birth date on the hem. I sometimes sign my sweaters in the same manner.