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Well once again I have missed out on a fun project to do with a bunch of wild and fun crazy knitter guys! Oh! Thats right as a Kilt wearer I don't wear underwear. but it would have been fun to be apart of the KAL < maybe next time. Enjoying the banter between those who are doing the KAL and hoping there are pictures to follow!


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Oh, Dear...I hope this isn't

Oh, Dear...I hope this isn't going to trigger the old "What is appropriate to wear under the kilt?" dialogue. Although, one source says that is the reason Willie Warmers were first knit. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Hey, I can understand your

Hey, I can understand your difficulty. You're not the only kilt wearer on here. Check it out:

The first one is me in my Thompson tartan at the Rabbie Burns supper in January, the other is me in my Utilikilt at the Great American Beer Festival.