Covering My Butt!!

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Hey all you KAL'ers!!!

I meant to make this post at midnight last night but something came up and I didn't get home until 9am. Now before I start getting qestions about that.... NO... it was not a date. Something a bit more serious. Anyway I fell into bed when I got home, ran errands when I woke up and now here I am.

So................. GET KNITTIN' DUDES AND DUDESSES! While I was doing my 'thing' all night I got the back panel finished and I'm about to BO and pick up the stitches for the leg. I'll post a pic as soon as I can.

If y'all would check in and give an overview of your clogs, boxers, Christmas stockings and let everyone know colors and that sort of thing then we shall all have an idea of everyones project.

Aaron.... Wondering over your choices still scares me.
Joanne.... you must have more of that great stocking done by now and I can't wait to see.
C*&$@$$.... how you're going to manage that longhorn I don't know but I'm sure you can.
Brad and Eric (who I really think is one person merely with two personalites) you haven't coughed up the info about what you are doing with the stockings.
Joe... your enthusiasm amazes me to no end!!!!!!
Willy... Willy, Willy, Willy..... whatever are we going to do with you???? Nothing! I likes ya just the way you are! YOU crazed lunatic... you also will be a surprise.

So knit and share people! This is what it is all about!



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I haven't even cast on yet.

I haven't even cast on yet. I have some sock yarn that I bought in Rhinebeck but I'm waiting to hear back from the vendor if there's any left. I'd also like to get something in another color to go with what I have if I can. If not, I'll have to go shopping.

Like I needed an excuse to do that!

Ok I will only share

Ok I will only share verbally because pics will only reveal my absolute disgust. As much I hate that I am making mistakes I absolutely refuse to frog because frogging would mean going back to the beginning. So I've decided to keep going and ignore my goof up, which by the way is nothing too serious but it bugs me that I couldn't remember what a stockinette stitch was until I had done 10 inches of garter stitch. CHRIS YOU SAID THIS WOULD BE EASY!!!!!!!!! :-(( (Now look what you made me do..I'm pouting...)

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So just where and how do you

So just where and how do you think you..... ummmm.... goofed up? If it's minor keep in mind that you are going to felt it anyway so it possibly won't show.

Well, I'm counting on the

Well, I'm counting on the felting being forgiving that the added bling will disguise the "mistake". I hate it when my brain takes off on a leave of absence without telling me.


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Way to stick with it! I've

Way to stick with it! I've dropped a stitch and am working to correct it.

Are you doing the stocking

Are you doing the stocking too?

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Nope. I'm doing the boxers,

Nope. I'm doing the boxers, can I commiserate too? ;-)

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Joanne, gonna try and get to

Joanne, gonna try and get to it if I can!!!!! I'm backed up 2 pair on the clogs and wroking feaverishly on the boxers.

Oh you are too good a knitter to have that many mistakes! Just where is the prob sis?


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I finished knitting the

I finished knitting the first clog tonight and I will start the second tomorrow.

I posted a pic to my Ravelry Project showing my finished clog...


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Something more serious than

Something more serious than a date?! OK, maybe we don't need to know! ;-)

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Bradley and I are a little

Bradley and I are a little stalled... trying to come up with motifs for our stockings... we think they're gonna be for his parents, but just not sure.... We'll catch up, though!

and if it hasn't been said enough, thanks Chris for spearheading this!

e & b

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Ok, as an addendum... we

Ok, as an addendum...

we have picked out and ordered yarn, designed the motifs, and had a large glass of wine (or three) to figure out the finest points. needless to say we forgot the finer points already so will try to recapture them tomorrow. On the flip side, we had a wonderful night planning stockings, knitting on socks, drinking wine, and watching lethal weapon III.

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And, BTW, Lethal Weapon III

And, BTW, Lethal Weapon III sucks. But a great night, as always.

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It's ALWAYS a movie, wine

It's ALWAYS a movie, wine and romance for you guys! (perhaps maybe a Lilikoi now and again but that's another story) You two are in such a rut!!!! But ain't it a nice rut to be in???


*confidential* endsay oremay owscay. orneringcay hetay arketmay noay ornbreadcay.

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Got the goods dudes.... the

Got the goods dudes.... the owscay arrived in time just before the corn harvest.



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Having a rough couple of

Having a rough couple of days... My knitting bag went missing yesterday... it had my check card, a baby beanie wip, and possibly my copy of the boxer pattern. Not 100% sure the pattern was in there... but I can't seem to find it anywhere :(

To top it off... a $400 charge has managed to appear on my account. So... I'm not really a happy camper right now... Just got off the phone with Wells Fargo Fraud Prevention, and Tearing my room apart to see if I just misplaced the pattern...

*sigh* (-_-)

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I am in Texas....hopefully

I am in Texas....hopefully my boxer pattern will be in San Francisco when I get home next week.

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Bill you are faster than I

Bill you are faster than I am. I just asked that in a PM a second ago. OH!!!!!! take that back... I'm sending you another PM right now!!!! Hang.

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