a second footrest .... a second beanbag...

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After the sea urchin (see previus blog) ...
Here are the sailor ;-)
Now I can put my feet on it, and put me to the next challenge ...
shhh ... mystery ...

HAve a nice week end ;-)

pouf 2A.jpg268.93 KB
pouf 2B.jpg418.87 KB
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Yet anther fine piece. Most

Yet anther fine piece. Most inspiring. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Dear TOm, I just make 5

Dear TOm,
I just make 5 square knitting with a cable at milieu.
30 stitches with just in the centrum, a cable of 6 stitches, I make the cable every 6 rows
I use needle of 12mm, and to make the side seam, I use a hook of 6mm...
It go very quick and it's very easy....
Good work ;-)

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OMG, you're knitting

OMG, you're knitting furniture! Is it like a slip cover for an existing footstool or what? I love it! Wow, at this rate it won't be long before you're knitting vacation condos and yachts. :-)

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I go to

I go to ikea...
I take it in ECRU...
It's very easy...

In belgium... there is only a small sea... not many yacht...

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Hey nice work. The edges

Hey nice work. The edges are beautiful - how did you do them?

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LOVE IT! Kudos! Mill

LOVE IT! Kudos!


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Wow! Beautiful! Please tell

Wow! Beautiful! Please tell us how you did that. It looks great!