Under the britches

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As a former pattern maker.....I have been working on a pattern for a "refined fit" boxers. The KAL seemes more of "fun" boxers.....but I am working on boxers to be be worn under dress slacks and suits !
A wild color combo etc....under a "button down" kind of image. But no bunching up or twisting under the slacks.....Let me know if anyone is interested in the resluts of this test !


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I'd love to knit boxers too

I'd love to knit boxers too - so please do post the pattern when you've got it and we can all try it out.

Would you consider doing a knitted brief pattern too? I love the thought of knitting my own briefs in a cotton yarn or perhaps in the Rowan denim yarn. Has anyone else any patterns for briefs anywhere ?

In the meantime I have also purchased the KAL pattern from a shop in the States - and can't wait for it to come to Scotland for me so I can have a bash at it too. Seeing all you other guys working on the project has inspired me to join in. My current socks will take a back burner when the boxers pattern arrives!

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I'd be very interested in a

I'd be very interested in a briefs pattern if you find one. All I've found is thongs, jocks, and panties in my searches.

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I'd definitely be

I'd definitely be interested. I didn't think I could do the boxers and the clogs for the KAL and already had the clog pattern so I went that route. Now that my clogs are well under way, I may want to do the boxers as well.

My hubby is an all boxer all of the time kind of guy (I'm more of a brief guy myself) and I thought I would knit him a pair to lounge in, but if you're working up a pattern for a more functional pair, I'd be very interested in that pattern as well.


-- Why live and let live when we can live and help live?

I agree with the others, The

I agree with the others, The KAL boxers are more for plaaytime or lounge. would like some to wear everday. I will try any pattern once.

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yes... agreed - the skacel

yes... agreed - the skacel pattern is more PJ/sleepytime boxers... not so much wear around everywhere boxers... it'd be nice to try a more "fitted" set as well, although I think they'd probably warrant even smaller yarn which would mean more stitches... and at 3/4 through my lounge pair I don't know if I'll have another pair in me lol


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The KAL boxers are

The KAL boxers are definitely lounge wear not really under things at all. I would love to be able to knit boxers that I could actully wear and then throw in the washer and dryer and wear again. Also, I'm not really keen in wool boxers. I would love to see what you come up with.

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very interested! i'm part of

very interested! i'm part of the boxer KAL, but i agree they look like the sort you'd dance around the house in, not wear to work. bring it on!