YF Preview 24

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My Argyle is finally coming!

All that toiling paid off with atleast one nice photo of the piece! What do you guys think? I'm excited to get my copy in the mail and see the rest. I'm also a "featured designer"....hopefully I didn't say anything embarrassing.....


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Thanks for all the

Thanks for all the encouraging comments!!!!

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Beautiful! Kind of an

Beautiful! Kind of an impressionistic take on argyle.


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Devilishly clever, Nathan!

Devilishly clever, Nathan!

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Congratulations Nathan, your

Congratulations Nathan, your Argyle looks very smart.

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the twisted, wonky argyle is

the twisted, wonky argyle is a VERY clever idea! Love it!

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Let me know if you feel the

Let me know if you feel the same way after knitting all the wonky argyle..... :P There were many moments of utter mental breakdown involved.....