Scarf, shawl, wrap thingy

I just completed this project for a good friend of mine who wanted something more than a scarf, but not so much as a shawl or wrap. After much searching I finally found a pattern on ralvery for the project you see completed here. I like it however, if I were to do it again I would increase the width. The patter was for a small woman I think, and it didn't stretch as much as I hoped it would during blocking. It was made with lion brad bulky yarn. A wool blend. I blame the lack of stretching due to the blend.


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Gary, I know we're from the

Gary, I know we're from the South and we have that reputation, but I have to ask..... y'all ever gonna get off that sofa???????

Nice piece of work there guy!


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Nice color and pattern!

Nice color and pattern!

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Lovely wrap Ger. Typically

Lovely wrap Ger. Typically my kind of thing I would love to do myself. Seems it is the season for "girl Friend" "" things these days :)

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Your "wrap thingy" looks

Your "wrap thingy" looks GREAT! I've used that yarn before and it's a bear to crochet with! It is crazy soft, however.

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Very nice work. If you have

Very nice work. If you have the time, you could easily widen it by knitting another panel or two and sew them together. I hope your friend likes it. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

looks cozy!

looks cozy!

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It came out really nicely-

It came out really nicely- very warm color! I'm always mystified as to why the yarn companies would blend synthetics in with wool?