Wall Street Journal writing an article featuring men who knit

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I was contacted today by a reporter from the Wall Street Journal - she's writing an article about the crafts and hobbies that truckers do while on the road... I know one (mason) guy who knits and is a trucker - if you know any more send me a message or direct them to me asap so that we can get her more contacts to interview... she's also looking for quilters, etc. - any non - traditional craft that male truckers do...

it's exciting to be the liason for men who knit - and I hope that we can find a few other guys who will be interviewed.



my email: kyle (at) [kunnecke} *dot* net - of course remove all the crazy punctuation....


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There's a funny joke that

There's a funny joke that appears in "The Shipping News" by Annie Proulx: About a long haul trucker in Canada who would knit WHILE driving across all those endless straight miles of road:

So one day, he's knitting away on an endless straight traverse across the prairies of Alberta, when a cop clocks him doing 90mph. The driver, intent on his driving and knitting and radio, never hears the sirens or sees the lights behind him, until the cop pulls up along side the big rig and over the loudspeaker, shouts "Pullover, Pullover!" The driver rolls down the window and yells back at the cop,

"No! It's a Cardigan!"

(Thanks, ladies and germs...I'll be here all week...)

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At least one of the women on

At least one of the women on my M2K2 group is a trucker - want me to put out the word there?

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please please PLEASEEEE

please please PLEASEEEE MMario - give her my email (or share her email with me) - it's worth sharing to the reporter - she may want to include females... who knows



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I posted - there are at

I posted - there are at least two that I remember speaking of taking their knitting on long hauls trucking.

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Thanks for the info Kyle! I

Thanks for the info Kyle! I think it's a really cool concept and I can't think of anyone better to be our liaison in representing the "Y" chromosome of knit!


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not "non-traditional"

not "non-traditional" relating to gender and craft (necessarily) but it's more a supportive piece talking about the different hobbies that truckers do... it's about the hobbies of those who live "on the road" more than a piece about men who knit...

you're right; knitting (we think) was "invented" by sailors a long time ago... and the stereotypes are there... and our local LYS and stitch 'n bitch groups perpetuate the same stereotypes... having articles that share our stories in mainstream publications help to dispel these stereotypes - so it's a super cool thing she's doing :)

I think the piece will be less about knitting and more about the "mobile" lifestyle - but we'll see...

now... the topic you are bringing up is pretty much the work I'm researching... so I hear you and totally agree :)


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What does she mean by

What does she mean by "non-traditional." Please tell her that knitting was "invented" by sailors who applied their experience with knots into a productive way of passing the time on long sea voyages. And, knitting is associated with "little old ladies" only because knitting as a fad goes in cycles. The little old ladies who are knitting today are the young, hot, chicks of 60 years ago who were looking to create outfits and accessories that would make them stand out!

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Does that make me one of the

Does that make me one of the young hot chicks of today? Haha

"Second, I will wear roller skates and leg-warmers!" "You should be as current as today's headlines!"

That's exactly why this

That's exactly why this little old lady took up with the sticks and yarn.