Miss S' socks

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I knit in AA meetings all the time and my friend Miss S keeps joking with me about if the pair I'm working on are hers. She is coming up on an important AA anniversary so I made her these. They are the Zigzag Socks from Vogue's The Ultimat Sock Book. I didn't like the yarn and wasn't fond of the pattern but I love the way they work together. Just a case of two negatives creating a positive. I hope they help keep Miss S sober and serene.


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who cares what the socks

who cares what the socks look like. congrats to her on her sobriety. And here's a cheer for all the "friends of Bill W.!" Bravo!

Happy "birthday" to your

Happy "birthday" to your friend! (my sister's NA group always refers to them as birthdays) That's an awesome accomplishment.

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That's so thoughtful Scott!

That's so thoughtful Scott! They're great and I'm sure she's going to love 'em!

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The pattern gets lost in the

The pattern gets lost in the marling of the yarn, but they look lovely and I'll bet they're fabulous. What yarn did you use?
Congrats to her on the anniversary.

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It's a cheesey pattern so

It's a cheesey pattern so it's good that that the yarn camoufloges it. The yarn is Wildefoot by Brown Sheep Company, I found it pretty nice to work with.

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What a great way to

What a great way to recognize her sobriety anniversary...has she actually asked about this particular pair, or have you not knit these in front of her on purpose?

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I knit these at home so she

I knit these at home so she wouldn't see them.

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Congrats to her for her

Congrats to her for her anniversary. These are truly a wild pair of sox. And sneaky you for not even teasing her by knitting them in front of her. I almost always knit on a gift pair in front of the recipient, surprising them all the more when I finish them and say, "Oh. By the way...these are for you." -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.