Gentlemen, and ladies, Start your needles!

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I suspect that everyone has their pattern and proverbial doo doo together by now. So start date on the KAL.... This coming Saturday!

I must admit that my guage swatch has turned into the back panel and will continue to do so, so I might be a little bit ahead.

I will post my progress on the shorts and also the clogs that I am doing during all of this. I may not get to doing a stocking right away... too much on the needles right now.

Cloggers!, Stockers! Let's be sure to hear from you also!

And are y'all knitting for yourself or others????

Best to all you've been great,



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I'm not totally happy with

I'm not totally happy with the yarn I got for the back panel. Guess I'll have to stop by the LYS on Thursday and pick up something else. I'm looking forward to getting started on Saturday.

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gee - the start is saturday

gee - the start is saturday and all of you are reporting all this stuff you've already done.

I think the ref's gonna have to call a false start!

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It's awful hard to call the

It's awful hard to call the false start when it's the REF that's jumping the gun!!


Grace and Peace,

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Mario... that is why the

Mario... that is why the start is done with a gun! Just shoot 'em!!!!!!!

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Yay! I have everything

Yay! I have everything ready... trying to figure out when I'll have time to start them... between rowing practice, birthday parties, and family gatherings I'll have little to no time for me this weekend!

I think I'll get started a little sooner... I haven't even swatched anything yet!

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I'm making the boxers for a

I'm making the boxers for a cousin whom I share my alma mater with--UT El Paso. They are going to be orange tweed and dolphin blue with a UT longhorn on the butt panel if the graphed pic I made knits up ok. I'm trying to get my Hemlock Ring finished up first which should be completed by Wednesday. I'll also be exploring a felted slipper experiment...more about that later. Thanks again Chris for being the ring leader for the KAL!

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Hey c**%@$$,,,,..... as you

Hey c**%@$$,,,,..... as you know ... you can't fix #20!!!!!!

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It took me a second, but I

It took me a second, but I got it! (wink)

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I knew you would Millie! I

I knew you would Millie! I never doubt ya!

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M, What do you mean you are


What do you mean you are knitting them for a cousin? Is that supposed to mean we will not be getting pics of you (your behind) showing them boxers?


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Well, I'm making the size S

Well, I'm making the size S for him, and there ain't NO WAY I'm squeezing my big "behind" into those shorts! Believe me when I say I'm doing everyone (including myself) a big favor! (",)

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So like Friday at midnight

So like Friday at midnight are you going to scream "Ready, set, go!" so we can all hear you? Or perhaps shoot your Texas concealed weapon? ;-)

Got mine, started on back

Got mine, started on back panel ( I hate doing gauge swatches), made a guage check and had to go down a needle size. I am usually right on guage. Frogged it and started over. Also had person who the boxers are for come over to get his measurments to make sure didnt have to do any adjustments. Ready to go.

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Guys, just to let you

Guys, just to let you know...... (I know, I cheated) Decide now if you want the edge stitch or not. There will not be 100 slipped stitches to pick up. Depending on how you pick it up and how neat you want it to look, decide now if you want to do the edge stitch or not. Just saying... :)

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What is an edge stitch?

What is an edge stitch? Also, if it's 15" down and the gauge is 34 rows for 4"; that's not quite 136 stitches. I've done socks, but not any other garment, so I must be missing something.

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Joe, I'll take a stab at

Joe, I'll take a stab at this one but, Kenny, please feel free to correct anything I'm about to say as I've only glanced at the pattern and you are a much more experienced knitter.

An edge stitch is just that, the last column of stitches on each side of a knitted piece (adjacent to cast on/cast off edges). They are sometimes called "selvage stitches or edging," and will either be left alone, seamed together with the edge stitches of another knitted piece (as in the sides of a sweater), or picked up from (as per this pattern) to be knit in the perpendicular direction.

Some knitters will choose to slip the first stitch of every row knitwise (in making the heel of a sock for example) instead of knitting it, giving the edge a neater appearance and making the edge stitches bigger and easier to insert your needle into. The slipped stitches are essentially stretched over two rows each. (This is the technique I think Kenny is referring to in picking up stitches on either side of the back panel on the boxers)

If you choose not to slip the first stitch of every row you will end up with one edge knit stitch for every row. It will be a bit irregular in appearance and will be a little tighter to get your needle into. You are right in your calculation of approx. 134 stitches, but when you pick up stitches not using the slipped stitch edge, you typically don't pick up and knit every stitch. A common ratio is 2 pick up & K stitches for every 3 edge stitches making your "seam" flat and even, hence picking up only 100 stitches.

I hope this helps!


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Thanks Mill and Kenny. That

Thanks Mill and Kenny. That helps. I'll re-read the pattern for the edge stitch. It helps that you used the sock example. I remember slipping the stitches, but also picking up all the stitches, plus two more (to close the gap at the gussett).

So what would be the solution?

Mill - I can't believe you a UT man! My alma mater is Texas Tech! Hopefully we can move past this! ;-)

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I dunno Joe! Dem's fightin'

I dunno Joe! Dem's fightin' words, but I'll do what I can to keep the peace for the sake of the knit!

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Sounds fair to me! ;-)

Sounds fair to me! ;-)

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Mill, you're absolutely

Mill, you're absolutely right!

If you look at the pattern, it calls for an edge stitch (selvedge stitch). The pattern also tells you how to do the edge stitch.

Typically, 1 edge stitch = 2 rows of knitting. So, if you do the edge stitch, you'll end up with yes (according to the gauge).... 128 rows. but you don't have 128 stitches to pick up from, you only have 1/2 that.64 stitches, which is not even close to 100 stitches.

Clear as mud?

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Thanks Kenny, that makes

Thanks Kenny, that makes perfect sense! So what did you decide to do? I wonder if the ratios are the same in all the sizes? I'll take a look at the pattern tonight.

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Unfortunately Mill, I didn't

Unfortunately Mill, I didn't read through the pattern before I started, so I picked up what I could and had an extra increase row.

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Well I read the pattern, but

Well I read the pattern, but didn't really understand about the edge stitch until you mentioned it was in the pattern. It's way at the end of the pattern and not near where the edge stitch is referred to! I would have just done stockinette stitch and not slipped the last stitch! That would have made for some puckered boxers!

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Kenny, explain. I detest

Kenny, explain. I detest picking up stitches - if I can avoid I will!

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I've got the pattern and

I've got the pattern and completed my gauge swatch, which looks right on. This is odd, as usually I have to go up on needle size as I'm a tight knitter, guess I'm loosening up! I might start early as I tend to be a slow knitter.

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Again, not a race Joe... but

Again, not a race Joe... but do what is comfortable for ya!!!!!

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That's good! As this week is

That's good! As this week is going. I've got a hat to finish anyway.

BTW, It'll be knitting these for myself. No need to torment others!

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my pattern didn't arrive

my pattern didn't arrive today...and I'm leaving for the Hill Country in the morning...I'd hoped to start the shorts while I'm going to be more ways than one...(grin)

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Bill, I'll PM you and make

Bill, I'll PM you and make sure I got your address right. If there is anyone else let me know ASAP.