What is the opposite of unravelried?

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Because I have done it!

I have finally gotten into Ravelry! I have ravelried myself!
After knowing about it for a quite a while and creating a profile months ago, I have finally done something with it and figured out how it works. I see there is a MWK group with over 1,000 members! I am now one of them!

By far the coolest thing has been seeing that people actually made one of my patterns and posted it to Ravelry. 14 people! And each one of them very different. I always used to knit patterns from the web but with my own twist, so it was delightful to see everyones unique twist on my design. Some chose colors I would have never thought of, but work perfectly.

On the other side of the coin I've read some negative comments on my newest upcoming designs, but I guess I can take that as constructive criticism??

If you see me on ravelry don't be shy to add me as a friend! My ravelry name is kilgore, designer profile "Nathan Plante".


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One would "knit up the

One would "knit up the raveled sleeve of care" ; and "raveled" and "unraveled" for some quirk of English are the same thing.

The raveled sleeve is what most would call unraveled. And the oppisete would be knit.

So the oppisete of unravlieried would be knit.

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In Maine, the locals take

In Maine, the locals take something out of the freezer to "unthaw" it.

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I thought that in Maine one

I thought that in Maine one puts something in the freezer to warm it up!

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Nathan, ravelry has some

Nathan, ravelry has some people who just have to be negative...I've even turned off the "disagree" button so I'm less aware of them. Try not to let them bother you...

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I guess its just your

I guess its just your average online community.... :)

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Oh, I disagree! I

Oh, I disagree! I disagree!

(Just kidding. I did the same thing. Only love is allowed here. Sometimes we all need a lesson in constructively criticizing.)

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I love what some of the

I love what some of the folks did with your pocket sweater design...the colors and options came out very nicely in some of them.