Stocking update

Well, I am done the cuff now and started on the body. That working with 2 yarns was a little difficult for my arthritic right thumb. The joint is a little inflamed so I going to take a day off and go groom some of my bunnies. Every 16 weeks they need to be sheared and I haven't finished spinning what I had from 16 weeks ago. Winter sucks for those who have fibromyalgia but now that spring is coming I can get into the swing of things once again. Received notice that there is a rabbit show coming in spring so must decide if I will participate or not.

As for the stocking I am still not sure of the colours. Looks as one fella said, Victorian. This for me means embellishing with beads when all is said and done. I think it will be pretty but still remaining skeptical. Tomorrow hubby is taking me to the big flea/antique market in the city so I will be on the lookout for antique buttons and things.

The brightly coloured yarns you see here are for the shorts I am going to make. Bright and hideous I know but the worst part is that they are acrylic. As the shorts will be a first for me I didn't want to ruin my good handspun yarns. I can always use them for an eye catcher at my table for the farmers market this summer. I may change my mind and use it to experiment with entrelac.

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I'm a bookkeeper, therefore

I'm a bookkeeper, therefore being accountable is my forte' Remember Big Brother is always watching...mahahahaha...

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I don't quite understand

I don't quite understand what I'm seeing in the swatch picture- can you describe what you're knitting there?

That's the felted Christmas

That's the felted Christmas Stocking. It's done on two needles and seamed together. I know. It looks wierd to me too. But it's a new technique and I'll try almost anything once.


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Joanne, It's great


It's great sister!!!!! Show it when you get a bit further on and I would swear you might not need any more bling bling on it! Although a bit of sparkle never hurts.

You keep going gal!


Oh Brother where art thou??

Oh Brother where art thou?? Just for the record I'M NOT the sister that Chris claims is easy to make!!


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Damn girl! Do you keep

Damn girl! Do you keep notes or what??? ROFL

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