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We live in a small three bedroom house. Less than 1000 square feet. It takes some creativity living in what is by today's standards, well, small. But we love it. Less to maintain and easy to clean! The two extra bedrooms, however small, have to be very multi-purpose. I recently built shelves for our video collection which resides in our guest room, which also serves as the video game room. The shelves cover an entire wall and they're filled. The project was inexpensive, less than $200, but that was still more than I'd planned for it. Only by about $50 or so, but still over budget. But it just made the room look and feel so much nicer than it was with DVD's stacked up along the wall in plastic storage units.

The other bedroom is my office/yoga room/craft room and it was just so uninspiring for so long. It measures 10'x10' I think. I decided I'd do what I could with it on NO budget. So, using things we already had in the house like my spinning wheel and chair and the antique Singer which were already in the room, a recliner from a friend that I just got tonight, and an old White model sewing machine that was left in the basement when we bought the house, I think I did a pretty good job of giving the room some new engery.

I finally have a comfy room to sit in and knit or spin other than the living room. I'm so happy!

Here are some pictures of what the room used to look like not long ago and how it looks now. There's also a picture of the shelves in the other room. That project is still technically not finished since I have to level and bracket the rest of the shelves and stain/poly them. But we'll save that for a day when we can open the windows.

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Very nice space, Aaron. The

Very nice space, Aaron. The abstract painting/construct in the first 'before' picture is a knockout! Back in the days when I painted, Abstract Expressionism was my preferred creative outlet. And a fellow Whovian, on top of it! Fantastic. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Great hideaway! The shelves

Great hideaway! The shelves look great. It's nice to have a place to store things neatly.


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did anyone else notice the

did anyone else notice the yummy picture on the laptop in the first pic? i mean, come ON chris, how did you not drill him for that?!

great work on the shelves. i wish i could build something that well.

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Jesse, Namely because Aaron


Namely because Aaron is my friend and he promised not to share the pictures of me that I send him!!!! I just didn't want to draw attention to it.

(like my butttruski ever looked that good!)

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Send me some!!!

Send me some!!!

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Isn't he hot? My

Isn't he hot? My screensaver gallery is full of eye candy and he's my favorite. I'm really glad he ended up in the picture. I didn't notice it until I copied the picture over to my laptop to look at it.

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Yes. Totally. Apparently

Yes. Totally. Apparently there were some shelves in the room, too?

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Very nice job. I really need

Very nice job. I really need more I know who can make them.

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Aaron, it looks great! I

Aaron, it looks great! I wish I had the space to set up a knitting/sewing room with all the creature comforts. You did a really nice job on those shelves too! All of my electronic media is on my apple external hard drive, but I would sure like those shelves for stash and be able to actually SEE what I have! Congrats!

Now Chris leave the poor guy

Now Chris leave the poor guy alone! I love those DVD shelves. My husbands birthday in June and I am out of ideas for gifts. He said one of you guys could have the shorts I'm going to have a go at knitting (unappreciative bass fisher) ... anyhoo, he has a dvd collection bigger than any video store so now I'm thinking I will get out to my wood working workshop when it warms up and make him some sturdy storage. thanks for the great idea BABE!

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Rock on! I'm going to build

Rock on! I'm going to build some shelves in my stash closet, but I'm saving up for that. I want to do it in cedar and I might as well do the whole closet in cedar when I do.

A stash closet of cedar

A stash closet of cedar sounds like a great idea too!

Hi I love the fact that you

Hi I love the fact that you have your spinnng wheel in your new space great touch. What kind of Spin is it I thinking about taken up Spinning

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You should! My wheel is an

You should! My wheel is an inexpensive knockoff that a friend got me for Christmas on Ebay. It's been a great wheel to learn on so far. I'm having so much fun with it.

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Hey Handsome, Isn't it

Hey Handsome,

Isn't it great to have a space where you can just sit and be alone with yourself? My spare bedroom downstairs gets the most sun of any room in the house and I have this big wingback chair in there where I can sit and curse the world should I want. You did a great job making your own space.

Now, don't think that for one minute that I didn't peruse your dvd collection or your books! Accounting? Bookkeeping? and Roses for Dummies?????? How do those correlate? Perhaps it's from reading too much "MAD". Great job babe.

As (hell I don't have to tell you... you already know)..


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I boxed up a bunch of books

I boxed up a bunch of books that I just didn't want out and brought my knitting books out of my stash closet. I have an odd and small collection of books, but even a small odd collection can tell you a lot about a person.

As for the movies, they're mostly horror and Doctor Who. The porn is in the upper left corner right below the Doctor Who stuff. Good luck picking out the one title there!