My first work is complete!

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I am very proud to announse that my "first piece of art" is finished! It is a cushion knitted with wool, so it`s warm and nice to sit on. My dad has his 65th birthday this weekend and I`m sure he will be happy for it:) It`s a practical item to have when you want to sit outside and keep warm.


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Congratulations! Hand made

Congratulations! Hand made gifts are gifts from the heart. Would love to see a pic of it. Welcome to MWK!


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Congratulations, Glad to

Congratulations, Glad to have you on our site. There are tons of wonderful men and women who'll be more than happy to help you at anytime. If one doesn't know someone else will. I have had a great time and enjoy everyone's comments. Don't be afraid to ask questions.


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Congrats! I don't remember

Congrats! I don't remember my first kiss, but I DO remember my first FO.


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Very right Mill, tried

Very right Mill, tried remebering my first kiss but couldn't. Still I do well remember the red scarf I made for my hubby. :)

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LOL...It's probably because

LOL...It's probably because my first kiss was most likely with a girl...(no offense to our ladies)

None taken.

None taken.

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Welcome to MWK, and

Welcome to MWK, and congratulations on your cushion.

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Welcome to our merry band of

Welcome to our merry band of knitters. The cushion sounds like a very thoughtful gift and I am certain your dad will bless you every time he sits on it. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Welcome to our group. I am

Welcome to our group.
I am sure your father is going to love the cushion.

Avery practical gift indeed.

Avery practical gift indeed. Congratulations as a finished project is a huge accomplishment no matter what it is. I'm sure your father will love it! Perhaps you can post a picture?

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Thats really cool, its nice

Thats really cool, its nice to do something creative ;-)

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congratulations. proud for

congratulations. proud for you too :) wil you post a photo of that ?