KAL Boxer Shorts Phase I: Acquisition of Materials

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I just received the pattern today and ran off to my LYS and got some stuff to make this thing happen. Aktion yarns from Lang Yarns, and the circular needles as I didn't have those sizes.

It was hard to decide on yarn choices and I had to extrapolate what the shorts might look like based on the picture of the boxers and their socks and the picture of the socks on the yarn wrapper. At least no one will know, except the partner, if they look ugly!

The next step is to see if I've got gauge! If not, then I'll panic. ;-)

A quick perusal of the pattern shows a few new things for me: wrapping a stitch and edge st.(?). I've worked a short row before in a sock heel turn; hopefully, it's similar. Also, the fact that this is a real garment is new. Hats, scarves, socks and mittens are fairly forgiving items.

So here it goes!

knit-boxers-I.jpg1.06 MB


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Thanks everyone! I'm sure

Thanks everyone! I'm sure I'll have some questions with this KAL and I'll be posting them!

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I also like the colors very

I also like the colors very much. I also like the KA needles, finding them nice to knit with. On my first pair, one needle came out of the socket but I fixed it with the careful application of a thin layer of SuperGlue(r) and waiting patiently for it to set up once I put the shaft back in. However, that didn't make them impervious when a friend's dog decided to make them into a chew toy. [BUT, the glued needle never came loose.] -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I haven't had any issues

I haven't had any issues with the KA needles. Certainly nothing requiring SuperGlue, which always seems dried out or glued shut, and I'll remember to keep them out of animal way! Crazy pets! ;-)

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Like the yarn choices

Like the yarn choices Joe...Good Luck!

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog i

Visit Crafty Andy's Blog
i like the yarn as well

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Joe!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just


You just summed up the entire spirit of the whole thing!!!!!!! It'a all about learning, doing, screwing up and doing it all together!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like your yarn choices!

Damn mail to Virginia is fast!

Keep those pics comming dude!


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Thanks Chris! I'm excited

Thanks Chris! I'm excited about this knit along.

As for the mail, it did come quickly (from Spokane, WA), but they did send it first class and it came in a cardboard mailer so that the pattern didn't get bent. So I was happy with Paradise Fibers.

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Oh oh.... I meant the copy I

Oh oh.... I meant the copy I sent to you!!! Oh hell, just send it back to me or whatever.