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Hi Men - just finshed a scarf for a good mate who now lives in Melbourne (colder than Sydney!). I have made this one before and learned that I like a challenge. Doing it the second time became a bit tedious.

Happy with the results though - he gets it tomorrow.

Now the next challenge is underway thanks to all your help (especially Millard!)

This one is my own design (well - borrowning left, right and centre from many patterns to get what I want). Managed to get the provisional cast on right and pick up the stiches for the hem too. Roaring along now.

This one is for the boyfriend although after 12 years I guess he could be my husband!!


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Your scarf looks great Paul,

Your scarf looks great Paul, I look forward to seeing your husband's jumper.

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Very nice knitting. The

Very nice knitting. The scarf is superb...I could see wearing that and even knitting it. [Hmmm...I do have that luscious alpaca sitting in the corner.] Great start on the sweater and I look forward to progress reports. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Lucky Roby!

Lucky Roby!

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The scarf is absolutely

The scarf is absolutely gorgeous! I think I might have to steal that one from you... =P

*All an actor has is their blind faith that they are who they say they are today in any scene.*
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Nice job Kangaroo

Nice job Kangaroo

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(going to my corner)

(going to my corner) whimper, whimper
And you capitalize Texan!!!!!!!
Looks like I'm gonna have to drive to Louisianna and throw a little of my mojo about!

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You know I love ya Texy! (",)

You know I love ya Texy! (",)

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yes - learning very quickly

yes - learning very quickly about a texan sense of humour! ;)

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Love the scarf Paul!

Love the scarf Paul! Looking good on the jumper--I'm a big fan of knitted hems. Don't listen to Tex, his sanity is provisional!

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Paul, The cabled scarf is


The cabled scarf is fantastic!!! As for the second attatchment it looks like somthing in biology class. Seriously, I have never had to do a provisional cast on. Familiar with it but not well versed. When I finally have an opportunity to give it a go I'm gonna call on you. As for now... listen to the Cajun, because you see he has this grandmother who with a lock of hair can do .........................