Ok..... I'll be the first to divulge......

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With my copy of the boxer pattern in hand and while you are all anticipating the arrival of your copy of said same pattern. This is the yarn I have decided to use.

For everything but the waistband and fly I am using Cascade "Heritage" finger weight sock yarn in black. It's 75% superwash merino wool and 25% nylon. I knitted up a guage swatch today (yes mommy, my homework is finished) and I have to say it knits like a dream. So far it has no tendency for splitting and glides along the Hiya Hiya's. Me's be happy so far.

For the fly and waist band I am using Louisa Harding "kashmir baby" in pewter blue. Again these were the color choices of the recipient. They work but not much flair (I shall never understand what goes on through the head of these straight boys but he's a great friend of mine and we have to humor these people even if they DO walk funny).

Anyhow, as far as I am concerned I am all in place and considering a week from Saturday for a start date. Y'all feel free to share info.

May all your 'tension' be consistant,



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Chris, I haven't been on

I haven't been on here in a while. How do I get a copy of the boxers pattern?

Hugzzz 8-)

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Pattern came today!

Pattern came today! YAY!

I'm making it out of "Gloss" Sock Yarn from Knitpicks. It's 70% Merino Wool and 30% silk.

Going with the color "Winter Night."

At least that's the plan. We'll see when the yarn arrives :-)

Grace and Peace,

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Tim, thanks for letting me

Tim, thanks for letting me know... I've been chewing my nails hoping that everyone recieves their copy. Nice color choice!!!


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Just got my pattern - thanks

Just got my pattern - thanks Chris. I'll be at the LYS when they open the doors tomorrow.

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My parts are all excited

My parts are all excited about Berroco Comfort Sock

I know it's synthetic but it has such a nice feel to it - like micro fibers. Just haven't decided on color yet.

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I'm using that too!! I'll

I'm using that too!! I'll take a picture of mine and post it.

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nuttin' wrong with synthetic

nuttin' wrong with synthetic if it feels good.

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well, I dunno ---

well, I dunno ---

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Just couldn't help yourself,

Just couldn't help yourself, could you? LOL...

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OHHHHHH!!!!!!! NOW I GET WHAT YOU MEAN!! (Millie that is way too funny)
That's me... sharp as a bowling ball.

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Well..... Millie..... ya

Well..... Millie..... ya see...... it's like this..............................
NOPE couldn't! I invariably stick my hands in where they don't belong.

What the hell do you mean we

What the hell do you mean we walk funny? I don't walk funny! What's so funny about walking anyways? Isn't it just getting from point A to point B?!!?! ;)

And for your information... we are not all flair impaired... I don't even wear underwear if I can help it. ;)

You crack me up!

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Nick... you are from

Nick... you are from Sanger.... you be bound to walk funny no matter what!!!!! We'll get together over that bourbon and level out that playing field. As for your underwear???? DON'T HELP IT!

My best to Raisinland...... You crack me up too!!!


PS... and it's not polite to point... unless you can't help what your pointer is doing.

You can't argue with Chris.

You can't argue with Chris. He comes from the state where the official reptile is the horned lizard a.k.a. horny toad. Don't believe me? Google it. Pass the bourbon..

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YOU KEEP MY SISTER OUT OF THIS! But I must say she IS easier to 'make' than instant coffee!

Peeps you can only get away

Peeps you can only get away with saying such things if you have a southern drawl..

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I'm hoping my pattern shows

I'm hoping my pattern shows up before then! I'm also considering using a hank of Heritage by Cascade for the body... glad to hear I won't be the only one using it... Still looking at alternatives for the waist-band and fly... hoping my pattern gets here before the start date!

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Hey Cookie Monster! You'll

Hey Cookie Monster!

You'll catch up!!!!! If you want to give it a go.... I'll tell you that the needles are one size 5, 24" circ. And one size 3, 32 in circ.

Gauge is 26 sts and 34 rows = 4" in stockingnette. (oops erratta.... on larger needle)

Should you wish to go further the center back panel is the same for all sizes. CO 56 sts. On larger needle. Starting with a WS row, Work in St st until piece measures 15". BO all sts.

That should keep you busy until the pattern arrives.

You owes me cookies!!!!! Or a bourbon.


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Yay! I'll have to work on

Yay! I'll have to work on this as soon as I get home... I'll be swatching away! For the Size 3 needles, are they going to be used in the round, or just for something long and flat? Will Magic loop work?

Cookies and Bourbon... sounds like my kind of party :-D

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You'll be working in the

You'll be working in the round with the smaller needles, this would be the waist band.

Joe Moore's picture

Ok it seems I misread it the

Ok it seems I misread it the first time. I don't think the magic loop method will work. I'll double check the pattern and report back.

Joe Moore's picture

According to the pattern,

According to the pattern, the gauge is done on the bigger needles. I didn't see any gauge for the smaller needles.
I guess if you had to step up or down with the bigger needles, you'd do the same step with the smaller needles?

Chris Vandenburg's picture

Go ahead Joe, Make that

Go ahead Joe, Make that first step!