Felted Entrelac Tote

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Here's another one of my finished objects. I have a few more to upload to the gallery. But I am pacing them so I don't hog the homepage. Smile

This is Felted Entrelac Tote, done in Wool of the Andes. Both pattern and yarn came from KnitPicks. Their website described this as a nice introduction to entrelac. So I went for it. But either because I was too new to knitting, or some instructions were missing, I had difficulties figuring out how to continue in a couple of spots. BUT, since it was a felted project, I just fudged it. I think it turned out OK. It's now my favorite bag to carry knitting stuff around the house. Felting the bag was FUN (my first time)! I think I checked the washer at least 10 times throughout the process. Wool of the Andes worked really well.


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Thanks, guys! That was the

Thanks, guys! That was the only entrelac pattern that I've ever tried. I think it was quite easy except the parts where I thought some instructions were missing. But I think it's easy to figure out how to keep going. In any case, you will definitely get to know how entrelac works.

Fabulous, well done. I can't

Fabulous, well done. I can't figure Entrelac out, I started a scarf a year ago & it's in a basket waiting until I have time to figure it out. Perhaps I should try this as a test piece! 

Knit away, knit away

Way cool tote!  how hard

Way cool tote!  how hard was the entrelac portion?  that's the next thing on my "need to learn"list?