Sunday Brunch Jacket

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I made this sweater for my new great niece. The pattern is found in Debbie Bliss booklet #600. I'm not crazy about the collar, and this is my first sweater-assembly experience. It's not the greatest, but she won't be wearing it for very long as she's growing daily!

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Very nice, indeed. Stylish

Very nice, indeed. Stylish and simple enough that it will be fashionable in time to come. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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It's so cute... And really I

It's so cute...
And really I like all the style (collar also)...
For a little, it want to make a baby directly... But...

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OMG! What do you mean. I'm

OMG! What do you mean. I'm thrilled with the whole thing. It's Great!

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This sweater is ADORABLE,

This sweater is ADORABLE, and I love the collar. It has a retro sheik feel to it!


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You did a beautiful

You did a beautiful job...and we'd love pictures of your niece wearing it.

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Don't be so humble - it's

Don't be so humble - it's darling. You have to get pictures of AJ in her new sweater and share them with us. You did a great job. By the way, I love Peter Pan colors on little girls.

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Looks great. It's special

Looks great. It's special because uncle made it, not because it's perfect.

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Very cute and well assembled.

Very cute and well assembled.

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Great job! I'm always

Great job! I'm always impressed when someone can get button holes/bands to work.

Oh, that's so beautiful.

Oh, that's so beautiful. It's a proper little lady jacket. She will look gorgeous.

That is so adorable! I wish

That is so adorable! I wish I had little ones to knit for..not that I wish my son to rush and grow up...

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That is so cute. A

That is so cute. A beautiful design.