cobweb lace spinning

Decision making is not my forte'. I am a doer and procrastinator. Yet somehow I managed to get through spinning this cobweb lace a bit ago. Another first for me is swatching. Yes, I am actually going to try to swatch this to see how it will turn out using Mario's QAL pattern. Should be interesting. My plan is to dye it after the knitting is complete. I hope this turns out.

If the image is not posting in this, there is more info at my blog about this and the fun day treasure hunting with my gal pal.

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These are all very good tips

These are all very good tips which I have written into my book. I am anxious to get started now!

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Very nice and very

Very nice and very impressive. I've been drop-spindling some fine laceweight yarn, but it's definitely not as gossamer-light as yours. Beautiful work!

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Wow! FINE yarn.....And

Wow! FINE yarn.....And though I am generally an advocate for very light airy lace on huge needles relative to the yarn diameter, I think this is a case for going down in needle size from the 5 mm I designed for and extending the pattern (for which there are provisions in QAL)

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I often knit in a lighter

I often knit in a lighter colour...then dye the work BLACK. ..much easier than trying to knit a pattern in black.

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That's a great tip Bill,

That's a great tip Bill, thanks! I really like black, but I've sort of shied away because of the visual difficulty.

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a very experienced lace

a very experienced lace knitter friend taught me that!

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I wish I could do that every

I wish I could do that every time something calls for black...I hate knitting with black and other dark colors aren't too far behind. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Is it just me that can't see

Is it just me that can't see the picture?

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I see the link to the

I see the link to the picture. looks good!

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My experience of dying

My experience of dying finished objects it that it is very likely that they will come out "mottled" rather than solid.