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Trying a knitted garment and I discovered something interesting about yarn, the pattern I am doing had a yarn requirement for a 7mm needle, the yarn I wanted was a two tone color, and would have cost me about 45 pounds. With both needles. I felt that as I am better crochet than knitting, the cost was high. so as a challenge, I thought how about I combine to yarns (4mm needle size each) at a lower cost and find the needles through friends or charity stores, well after a search, I mangege to get both yarns and needles for about 15 pounds, it seems to be working, and when I finished, I will show the project to be submitted for a picture. I hope that if there are any tips to cut costs I would love to know.
All the best.


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Welcome. No harm in being

Welcome. No harm in being frugal and searching for bargains in the thrift shops... I've gotten some luscious mohair and Shetland yarns that way. The best find was some fantastic Scots cashmere: I paid about $2 US for the bag. Good hunting. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Welcome, David. This is a

Welcome, David. This is a really amazing and astounding group of guys as I'm sure you know already. I'm looking forward to seeing your projects.

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David, welcome to MWK.

David, welcome to MWK.

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Welcome David! When I need

Welcome David! When I need to be frugal but in "need" of string--knitpicks.com


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Sounds like you have a

Sounds like you have a natural instict for thrifty knitting, which, given our obsession with the craft, is a good thing! Welcome!

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Hey David! As a curiosity,

Hey David!

As a curiosity, what fiber, is the yarn you are using?

I see you have only been here for just over three weeks so a big welcome!!!


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Just some acyrlic fibres,

Just some acyrlic fibres, nothing fancy thanks for the comment ;-)