Tic Tac Tocque

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I knit this hat using the Small Mock Brocade Block that Scott posted with his socks a few days ago. It's a fun and easy pattern- thanks, Scott.

A note to TG: I was unable to include a pic with the pdf as I am out of color ink. Have to get to Wally World.

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I love seeing the greenery

I love seeing the greenery in the background. So much nicer than all this snow here. Albeit it's melting but not fast enough for me. I have cabin fever terrible..Thanks for posting the pics!

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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the hat

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the hat Albert! Thanks to you and Scott for the pattern!


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Very nice design, Albert.

Very nice design, Albert. The decrease pattern blends in just great with the pattern for the cap. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Not the Mad Hatter, but King

Not the Mad Hatter, but King of the Hatters.

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The Mad Hatter stirkes

The Mad Hatter stirkes again! You do resemble Johnny Depp. Awsome, awsome, awsome! I love seeing that pattern in a larger guage. Once again, thanks for posting the pattern.

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He's never looked better!

He's never looked better!

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Now that is a happy hat. I

Now that is a happy hat. I jotted down Scott's directions as well in my knitting book. You did a lovely job of adapting it. Your decreasing is spectacular.