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Alright I cannot resist adding to my stash. I'm obsessive in that way. But is it adding or simply recategorizing when you use some from the fibre stash and then turn it into the yarn stash? Yes, I'm a fibre piggy and yes, I can hardly wait until 16 weeks is up and I can shear the rabbits again and no, I have not been on that television show "hoarders" .. my stash is only dangerous if you try to take without asking..

The picture is of my rabbit Calli who passed away last weekend. I decided to take some of her fibre out and get busy with it. So this is how I recategorize my stash. I think it is absolutely gorgeous spun with silk and it makes beautiful lace because of the gorgeous sheen to it. Lace samples will be forthcoming.

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Unprocessed fiber; processed

Unprocessed fiber;
processed but not spun fiber (roving, carded batts, etc)
and yarn

are seperate stashes, and shold be tracked as such.

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I'm really impressed that

I'm really impressed that you are so connected with every step of the fibre-to-yarn-to-knitted project spectrum. I'm totally unfamiliar with spinning, so I enjoy your updates. And my condolences on the loss of Calli.

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Beautiful colour, and the

Beautiful colour, and the yarn looks gorgeous.

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What a lovely rabbit... a

What a lovely rabbit...
a very beautiful colour!

It's always sad for me to

It's always sad for me to lose a bunny, especially ones from my foundation herd. The silly thing is that they do not realize they are bunnies. They do not do the usual bunny things like run and hide or dig holes. They love to be held and cuddled. They have the aloofness of a cat and the need for affection like a cat. They get along perfectly with my dogs and cats. Everything in this house is what my husband calls "species challenged".

Here is a website about rabbit agility. One of my rabbits was adopted out and is part of this club.


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Sorry to hear about your

Sorry to hear about your rabbit passing Joanne! The yarn is gorgeous and how cool for her fur to be part of an heirloom knit for remembrance.