My knitty babies

I have 2 maltese X girls and they are really a light for me on those dark days. Their names are Ping and Pong. My husband stands 6'6" and when I brought them home they were just like tiny bouncy ping pong balls to him so the names stuck. Anyhoo. I comb them out regularly, along with the angoras, and get copious amounts of fibre from my girls and buns. Recently I blended some of the fibre with with silk and spun it all up. I spent a couple of days dyeing and this is what I ended up with. Now I just have to come up with a project. I don't think that this will be good for the shorts because angora is so warm but I do have some cotton to spin downstairs. Perhaps I should get that out and get busy for the KAL.

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Well I have printed off the

Well I have printed off the Queen Anne Lace Shawl Pattern from Mario's blog. I think that is be-a-u-tee-full and will definitely take the colour pattern suggestion. I hope it is easy enough for a novice knitter. Before I begin though I am going to finish off another scarf I am working on with some hand dyed wool. I love dyeing yarn myself. The colour combos are amazing! Nothing I would ever find in a store. Commercial dye jobs are just that. It's why I colour my own hair! Experimentation = surprise!


I have read a number of

I have read a number of blogs to realize this sounds like it has a tricky start. One did mention a "crochet" start but could find no info. Do you have any tips or tricks. Recommended needle size? Start with 5 dpns or circular?


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I usually use dpn's; and I

I usually use dpn's; and I use smaller needles to do the start then I do to knit the full shawl. If I'm doing the shawl on us 4's, I will probably start and do the first round or two on 0's; I typically use 3's to start for something I will knit on 6's or 8's.

All my QAL's have been done with US 8's and lace weight, except one, which was us 8 (5 mm) and fingering weight.


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Hey Joanne, here's a place

Hey Joanne, here's a place that offers various types of instruction and techniques. Hope it helps...


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the really difficult part is

the really difficult part is the start. once you get enough stitches on the needle to things get a lot easier.

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My partner and I fell in

My partner and I fell in love with a MaltiPoo(Maltese/Poodle) in a bookstore in PTown a number of years ago. We since learned about how many Poodle crosses there are out there, so we ended up with a Labradoodle(Sophie). Your Ping and Pong are adorable and maybe we'll venture down that road soon...who knows when it comes to cuddly balls of fun.

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I can just see your 6'6"

I can just see your 6'6" husband with a pup in each hand...(grin)

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Sooooooo too cute! Their

Sooooooo too cute! Their names are terrific. I have a maltese, a big 5lb'er and he's now 17 and still acts like a (slow) puppy.
That yarn is beautiful. I think I might have to look into spinning and dyeing.

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Any idea of yardage? I

Any idea of yardage? I would suggest Queen Anne's Lace using the three shades of pink......darkest in the center, and alternating rows a few times at the changeover.....With the white around the outer rim if necessary....

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The yarn is beautiful and

The yarn is beautiful and the dogs are the cutest. Thanks for the pics.

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I second that notion Brad.

I second that notion Brad. I loves me some puppies & they are adorable. Can't wait to see the yarn knitted up!


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Wow! I'm slobbering on my

Wow! I'm slobbering on my keyboard! Can't wait to see what you do with this gorgeous yarn.