More FO's...I warned ya!

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This is a set that I knit for my best friends' 2 year old, Emma. The cap and mittens patterns were out of "The Big Book of Kids' Knits" by Zoe Mellor--GREAT stuff in this book. The cowl was improvised. I knitted a tube in the round (starting and ending with 2X2 ribbing) and evenly distributed decreases about half way up. I had to make it big enough to go over her big toddler head, so I added a toggle button with a twisted cord loop so it would stay closer to her neck and keep her warm. I tried the slip stitch method of the jogless join and I didn't like it for this project (see Calfl Back photo). It would work much better with thicker stripes or bulkier yarn. I knit all the ribbings with size US 2 & bodies with US 5. The yarn is Knit Picks CotLin DK. This is a new favorite! It's soft, machine washable/dry-able without shrinking, and color fast despite the bright colors (Key Lime and Desert Turquoise). I've also included a gratuitous photo of Suki (she slept wrapped up like this for about 2 hours).

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Mill - it's all been said

Mill - it's all been said above but I have to get here. That's an amazing color choice and really handsome set.
My mother used to do that with my dog as well - grandmothers are great!

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Great job, Mill! I really

Great job, Mill! I really like the way you reversed the colors on the mittens - I'm totally stealing that.

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I heartily second that

I heartily second that thought...I may have to rethink the color scheme on my cousin's next pair and do the same. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Millie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and I don't care if you like that nickname or not I like to give everyone a nickname and that is yours now...... once I knew this guy in prison and his number was 83649..... I gave him a nicknumber...'8')

Suki is so damn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to adopt! Mill, she/he is so precious.

Serious, crawdad boil on March 5th here..... doing about 150lbs... perhaps more.

Envious of your UFO clean up.


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Mmmm, that sounds so good!

Mmmm, that sounds so good! Wish I could be there! In the eternal words of my Grandfather..."You can call me whatever you want to as long as it's not late for supper." (",)


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I love crawdads; have had

I love crawdads; have had them cooked with dill- PLEASE post a recipe, wunnayu Southern guys!!

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Albert I will dig up my

Albert I will dig up my recipe for crawfish etouffee this week and send it to you!


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Man, you got it goin' on!

Man, you got it goin' on! Really nice work. Like many of the other stitchmasters in this group you've given me something to strive for. All the best with your work in Haiti. I think it's so cool that an American from Louisiana can speak their native language.

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Thanks Tom! Yeah, I got a

Thanks Tom! Yeah, I got a couple of strange looks when I started speaking Creole. My parents, grandparents and sister are all fluent as well. When we were kids they would speak it so we wouldn't understand what they were saying. It sort of had the opposite effect. They eventually caught on and started to teach us properly.


Really love the color

Really love the color choices! Extremely vibrant. :) And that is one spoiled pooch. Mine would like to do that too, but she weighs 55 pounds! haha

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Don't I know it! She's my

Don't I know it! She's my furry kid. My sister's 80 lb dog is the same way. The funny thing is she's scared to death of Suki--all 4 lbs of her! She's a fiery Latina.


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Work looks great, Mill. It

Work looks great, Mill. It does not look like something that was designed on the hoof, so to speak. And I love the photo of Suki. She has that typical Chiuaua glare that seems to say, "How dare you wake me." I live with a mini schnauzer and have to put with with his Germanic air of superiority. And he hates wearing every sweater I have knitted for him too!

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Thanks Jacques! Oh, I love

Thanks Jacques! Oh, I love mini schnauzer's. They have the greatest expressions.


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Oh, my Lord, she's adorable!

Oh, my Lord, she's adorable! This set came out really nice-I love the bright colors. How was this yarn to knit with as compared to wool? Have you washed and dried anything yet that you have knit with it?

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Boy, she KNOWS it too! Mommy

Boy, she KNOWS it too! Mommy Dearest actually took this pic when I was in Haiti. She told me Suki was shaking from being cold and she swaddled her in her blanket and was out. I need to make her a wool cocoon that I've seen for infants. The yarn wasn't nearly as stretchy as wool (my favorite) of course, but not quite as static as you might think. You do have to be a bit more conscientious of tension as with most cottons. Everything pictured was machine washed and dried without any shrinking (I had tested some swatches). I'm always on the lookout for good cottons or cotton blends because of our climate in LA.