The Sweater Workshop

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I don't care much for groups and MWK is the only group I belong to now, but today I joined The Sweater Workshop Yahoo group.  For those of you who are working from this book, you might want to join.  Jackie Fee is the moderator and offers advice and assistance.

I might add that I've had a couple of very pleasant emails with Ms. Fee and she is great!

So, if circular seamless knitting is for you, come right along and join up!



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Thank you for that info and

Thank you for that info and link. I've had the book for a while now, but never worked up the courage to work on big sweater projects. This will deinfitely help.

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What perfect timing!  I

What perfect timing!  I just ordered the book through Borders (although it hasn't come in yet).  Thanks for the info!!

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Jesse,YES!  I had


YES!  I had completely forgotten about this when you and I were conversing earlier this summer about circular knitting.  This is a great way to learn!


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Most excellent! I just

Most excellent! I just joined the New England Textile Arts Yahoo group and was pleasantly surprised to see that she's on that one, as well. I commented that now that I know who's on the list I'd better hurry up and finish my fish warmer, which has been languishing just shy of done for the last few months.

Well good for you Jesse. I

Well good for you Jesse. I didn't even know that such a thing existed. But in this day & age I should not be surprised. It's great that the designers are so approachable & responding to their public. 


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